yes, we can!

in bp class now! my weekkly blogging session HAHA, so fun. once again, not paying attention (: been so busy trying to contact as many vendors as possible for our bazaar next week ): ): ): we still have so little now.

bp midterms on monday was no fun, no fun at all. it was a big guessing game. studied the whole day for bp (like the only time i studied properly for bp) HAHA. went to j8 for lunch with bahn (: food court omu rice is nice! and bahn bought laptop sleeve for me HEHE. and quarrels are no fun too ):

tuesday was cat meeting in the morning. then lunch and class. cat presentation wasnt so bad. no one shot our proposal down and i think prof likes our idea YAY. then was tuition for the boy. after tuition had dinner at novena with bahn. food court again cos we are poor! then was udders. udders icecream is yummy :D haha. then to his house. i like sitting at the porch, talking, rolling around and playing with summer. hehe. we were supposed to watch up in the air but felt too sleepy HAHA.

finally cut my fringe yesterday morning! bye to irritating long fringe, and hi to irritating short fringe :D haha. sgoon saloon is cheap haha. then had lunch then rushed down to finance. thank god for results. seriously. 23 was much better than i expected, especially for finance. hehe (: then tuition again. after tuition was movieeee with naz, bahn and pittit. bused back to cathay to watch dear john (: omg dear john is super super sad )’: but the ending was anti-climax haha :| then was dinner at indulge! again, they gave me spaghetti instead of fusilli. second time wrong order. but this time i insisted they change haha. cheesecakes were going at half price again yay so happy. we ate, talked, chilled until the shop close. twas so nice  & fun (: haha let’s do it sometime again.

(: (: i need to develope 100 photos for bizcom board HAHA. wheeee.

and pls pls pls pls say yes ): haha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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