because i have you

i have juicy orange nails <3 haha. i love painting my nails though i hate using my left hand. okay and i sound bimbotic right now, so stop.


couple’s bible study this morning with the rest. was scared that it’d be abit awkward at first but actually it was fine. hearing all the other stories were so cute! mine’s like so simple and boring, and lack of drama (: hehehe. the bible study part was nice too. build each other up yes?

lunch with my parents and then spent the WHOLE afternoon editing mdm. jack and pit came over for finance meeting at 5. i didnt contribute much at all cos of mdm.

watched alice in wonderland after our meeting (: the show’s very typical tim burton & johnny depp. not that great actually but i like the accents once again. haha. idk, i still wanna watch from paris with love and up in the air (TOMORROW SHALL WE?)

and my poor bahn is sick, again! ): sorethroat and no voice this time. and i wanna sleep now, if not tmr sure tired. so annoying i was having headache the whole day, and now that i’m home ready to sleep, my headache’s gone.

on a random happy side note, i’ve been smsing foldy all the way in aussie (: apparently her singapore number will still be in use. and YAY it feels like she’s not so far away anymore! haha. she told me aussie had hail and snow today. so exciting.

how long does it take for post to reach australia?

don’t need to look far around me to realise how blessed i am (:


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to because i have you

  1. meanie says:

    cheesy leh you, hahaha i love ben BYE!!!! love you tooo meanie, hope 289 gets well!

  2. bobo says:

    what is couples’ bs?! hahaha. so cutexzx

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