lazy cat (:

my hamster died! ):

i am now petless. i want a guinea pig or rabbit ): please. i’m so sad how come so many hamsters are dying. zing’s hamster died too. same day somemore.

church on sunday with meanie! finally (: it’s been a long time since we went to church together. it’s either she’s late or i’m at kj – which has been the case for the past 2 or 3 weeks. we had breakfast at some coffee shop. old village was not open ): ): ): hahah. no iced hazelnut coffee. so just had the half boiled eggs and iced milo! lauren got stuck in her swing hahaha damn cute. she couldnt get out and they had to open the table top on the swing to get her out. gave the two girls their favourite marshmallows (: (: then lunch with meanie at amk. amk’s like my new favourite shopping spot. haha. we got good buys from some shop thats really quite like the this fashion kind (: hehe. going back for more next time!

then went to army market with bahnny to get tag for dylan. after that was tuition. and then dinner was at some nice hokkien restaurant at ocbc centre to celebrate his grandma’s birthday (: ate until so fulllllll. happy and full and sleepy. i need to sleep lotssss hehe. and YAY bizcom holiday! hahah.

went to golden mile to book our bizcom holiday. nothing fantastic – sunway – but i’m still very happy WHEEHEE. i’m such a good HR director yes? (: (: then oh, i went to amk hub again! i wanted to buy checkered shirt but hrmph, didnt. hehe. then to school for CAT meeting. i feel so useless at meetings but actually i think i’m quite useful lah. like at least i got the data needed and asked sam go to come for our next meeting. and i dabaoed dinner for them while they were having a fruitful discussion about things i didn’t understand (: (:

swing swing swing. the colour of this photo so kewllll (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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