tequila shots & its over (:

so bazaar is over (: finally! no more excel sheet nightmares WHEEHEE. actually after the first day there werent any more nightmares (:

so i suppose bazaar went well, shirt sales went well at least :D and i managed to buy a belt, top and dress! yahoo, i hope i so win the sony laptop.

friday night was smusa awards night. university lounge is quite nice leh! chilled and took polaroids. actually it was quite boring and we didnt win anything ): so we just drank. one tequila shot and nothing else because had overnight duty hahah.

but polaroids were pretty.

YAY bizcom ♥

then back to school at 10 and to YMCA to bathe (: then we went back to do finance and cat project all night till about 430. too tired already then off to the smusa lunchtalk room to sleep ): fail hahah.

indulge dinner on saturday after bazaar (: and oh yeah, and we met up with elaine on wednesday night for supper/chill at coffee club! YAY.

cg on saturday was nice. deep discussion (: i like actually but was super tired and stoney on saturday oh well. sunday church met meanie for breakfast. no more hazelnut coffee forever i think. but eggs and milo still very nice. MY SLIPPERS BROKE! hahah was going around barefooted in church half the time. but then i bought new slippers from mphosis – one size too small i think. so saddd! but it’s pretty. after church was daniel’s farewell lunch at cathay astons (: yummy i ate so much and finished everything. and after that still had ben & jerrys. after that bahn and i went on a squiggly hunt. HEHE. squigglys are so expensive ): and, tuition was cancelled! so went to his house to slack around. then dinner with my family at army market. the beef noodles disappeard )”: as in cannot find. HAHAH. but i ate the ah balling tang yuan so happyyyy. brought summer to clarence’s house after that. was supposed to get her nails trimmed and get more food from her. BUT NOW, SHE SNAPS AT CLARENCE ): what an evil dog. damn fierce! so we bought her a muzzle (: hahaha. stupid dog.

anywayyyy, now i’m so busy with bash and vanzaar recruitments ): tell you, some people, really nothing better to do but to make noise and create problems hahaha. ohwell, i shall not go on rambling too much about recruitment. too many things to do ): and too much to say. HAHAH. i just hope all goes well!

anyway, is this nice? hahah.

swing swing swing (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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  1. tai says:

    hi! smelly!

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