i h8 mouth gargle but i ♥ you

sometimes i can’t help it. it’s like a reflex reaction. something that naturally occurs inside of me. but no seriously, what’s wrong with me. i must stop this habit or else i’d just be the downfall of everythingggg.

see, one thing i learnt is that the one who wants everything gets nothing, and the one who wants nothing gets everything. it’s all gotta do with how and where you place your expectations. everything lies there, and so does satisfaction and contentment. and tis a good thing to be easily contented. i always think, that it seems like the simple person is one who expects nothing and therefore is happy with whatever happens, so in that sense, she gets everything. but the person who holds high hopes of everyone and everything, often falls into disappointment. that one’s quite a fact of life yes? but then, shouldn’t we always be positive and hope for the best? that part i can’t figure out hahah.

but nevermind cos another lesson i’ve learnt and had countless reminders throughout my life is this: that people always disappoint. if not, they will sooner or later. cos no one can live up to man’s increasing and unreasonable expectations.

well i admit im a pessimist :D hahah at least these two theories work for me lah. but i still survive anyway! im always the one who bursts peoples bubbles righttttt.

anw i should stop trying to sound profound now cos really, i sound quite stupid. but the point i was driving at, nevermind. HAHAH. i was just rambling, but i like ramblings. ramblings are actually quite fun cos its like translating all my random thoughts and trying to make them flow. sometimes i wonder why i even think of these things.

on to more random things. ytd’s CAT meeting lasted from 3pm to 12mn. seriously the first time i’ve had a 9 hour meeting. okay, with dinner break but still. haha. dinner was at amk hub and yes, i went to visit squiggly! (: it seems fine to me! but i got stung by a wasp at the pet shop wth. its like a hard bite thats abit painful idk. it seems venomous to meeee ):

i really wanna learn drumssss. so i already asked and (YAY!) zing is going to start teaching me once a week once summer starts (:WHEEE so excited.

anyhow, something i really wanted to say was: i don’t like the taste of the mouth gargle. HAHA. anddd, i feel like an absolutely horrible and useless CAT/finance group member D: oh weeeeell. sleepy already. and here are 3 interesting photos that brightened up my day :D

#1 my sunshines!

fgd & yew jia rae (:

#2 24 january 2009 ♥

on the odometer (:

#3 thumbs up to whoever can get this in 2 seconds. i mean literally yeah. bahn & i did (: jaya & jack didnt.

picture from a shirt haha!

it’s so easy to see how could anyone not get it in 2 seconds? :O HAHAH. meowzzz. i should go and sleep now. goodnight. i am like how freaking lazy to do the excel sheet for PEP for the juniors yknow ):

you know, every morning actually i can wake up anytime i want. but then when i set alarm, i feel like im using solver and setting constraints hahahah. i usually dont wake up for myself. i’m the alarm clock :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to i h8 mouth gargle but i ♥ you

  1. Gloria says:

    HAHAHAHAHA the shirt is so ridiculous la. jaya and jack just thought too much into it and must have tried to solve it.

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