war is fun, not (:

squiggly’s back home (: it’s so cute in its cage now haha yay.

interviews on friday went fine. only like two-three people were late. abit irritating but then again, not really lah (: most interviewees were good. hahah. i think interviewing’s my kind of thing. sense the passion.

sometimes life’s just like that. so hard aye. how to decide now?

spent the whole saturday doing secretproject101 wheet wheet (: i hope it gets there safely! then was uncle bart’s bday at lina’s house (:



kj on sunday was fun (: arts and craft is so totally my thing too! errr the flea that mean did for me was sad ): $6 only HAHAH stewpid leh.

floating directors meeting this morning (: main point of meeting:

ooh so much angst :D

treated floating directors to bubble tea. nice is meeee (:



About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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