for the love of food

watched how to train your dragon on sunday night with jack and pit (: srsly, the show’s cuter than the name sounds. really very nice HWEEHWEE. i wanna own a dragon too! :D

whyogurt + haato + movie on sunday WHEE. haato icecream’s yummy (: and whyogurt@thomson even better. everytime we eat there, we cant decide what we want to eat. always end up sharing and eating everything and rotating plates.

DID I MENTION that we all did a 30 minute survey in school and got $10 for free? :D hweehwee. so nice right. money falling from the sky. so we four treated ourselves to,

BAKERZIN :D finally had that yesterday! dinner was nice but actually the dessert there was the highlight!


profiteroles (:


coupe cheesecake

meow and i wanna eat this one this one this one.

sweet sweet macaroooons (:

maybe shall go and buy a box today :D wheet.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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