whistle for the choir

i finished my em! :D

hahaha YAY YAY YAY. so happy i dont even feel like starting my studies. but look what i’ve got here,

YAHOO MY VERY OWN STUDY PLAN :D proud of it (if only i would really stick to it) hahah.

good friday ooh my family left for desaru without me :( anw so silly cos like i heard that after my family cleared malaysia customs, they checked  and found out that the msian guy forgot to stamp my daddy’s passport. that was like only 5 minutes after entering into msia, when they could have turned back. but no they didnt. so after they told me, i told them must turn back. but they asked me to call ICA first. ICA closed cos public holiday :( called the woodlands customs, no pick up. desperate already so called the woodlands train station (HAHA). they so unhelpful pls. tell me they dont know this and that and cant transfer call for me. asked for msia customs number they also say dont have. BLUFF :( hahah. anw by that time my mummy said they were gonna turn back anw. but that was after they were one hour away. so silly right. so yeah, i heard that when they reached back they saw a sign that said if no stamp its an offence and must go jail or sth :| but but but then the msia customs man told my dad to exit and make a uturn back into msia to get his stamp. BUT THEN, he didnt give my dad departure chop!! not surprisingly, my dad couldnt find the uturn so he ended up being back at spore customs. and the spore guy at the counter asked him how did he end up there without an entry chop and depature chop hehehe. SO RETARDED PLS. anw cut the long story short, they had to explain many many times and be escorted back to the msia side (by a police on a bicycle hweehwee) to get his chop. wheee. so fun right, why wasnt i there :( hahaha.

then then then i heard that desaru was fun too and they had seafood dinner everynight knowwww. jealous. anw, back to good friday. had lunch at some nice dimsum restaurant with bahnny’s family. xiao long baos :D :D hehe. then off to school to do the final round of interviews. hahah the day before had interviews and played april fools’ day jokes on the juniors. SUPER FUNNY OMG. hahah, esp amanda heather and lixin. so poorthing, lixin actually cried! but yeah, entertaining ttm. asked for CIRCLE values and amanda went ‘intelligence, erm tenacity? oh wait there’s no T in circle.’ haha must watch facebook video! (:

YAY managed to finalise the whole subcom and i hope everything will be alright. then dinner at kopitiam and home to do EM. stayed over at pit’s house (: whee.

bahnny’s ippt was supposed to be saturday but apparently the date was wrong. came home to wash squiggly’s cage and let it run around in the balcony for about an hour. but the point is, it didnt run :( stupid pig. it just sat there for a good 20 minutes until i came in. and tried to line the carrots and cabbage somemore to get it to hunt for food. WHAT A STUPID PET haha (: (: (: worse still, it hid in the pipe once i brought it in. no dont care must do this more often for it to get used to the balcony. good thing my mum not at home or else sure cmi HAHA.

stoned pig

tried to lure it out, FAILED :(

then tuition resumed again. the boy has 8 hamsters pls so crazy. haha. and then after that went for lunch at billy bombers at cathay with jack and pit (: jack had some $10 voucher so very good, lunch was quite cheap. then we did the most ridiculous thing. we went to claim 31 ben & jerrys vouchers for ourselves (: MWEEP IT’S A SECRET DON’T TELL YOU ALL HOW WE GOT IT :D hahah. but yeah, a pool of 31 b&js vouchers each allowing us one cup of icecream free (: 31 cups to split between us 4 and oh bahn’s still gonna get more soon, maybe 5 (: so that makes 36 means 9 per person. VERY AWESOME RIGHT (: we’re such cheap skates pls. what billy bombers $10 voucher and 30 plus free b&j vouchers haha. i’m so gonna die of FATNESS. cos like half an hour after billy bombers (dessert there was ice cream), we went up to b&js to eat :D hahah. food food food. waited until bahn finished his meeting then we four went ion awhile to get nespresso for pit’s brother. then HOME.


FREE STUFF MAKES ME HAPPY AS A BAHN CAN BE (: like tomorrow got exam welfare pack and FREE FROLICK in school (: wheet wheet.

anw, julius passed pacey her present alr yay so nice. OH my golden havis broke on the train back from ion. SO LOUSY QUALITY LAH. last time my white one also broke. and it broke in the exact same way. had so much problems walking back that he had to piggy back me for some distance (: (: HEHEHE. so stupid lah like i injured like that. but really i was walking too slowly plus floor wet so he say piggy back better MOIMOI. but anw, bahn managed to fix it back with super glue and fishing line. my bahn is so innovative and smart (: haha now the slipper’s back to normal! had dinner at his place then he came over and we did our work. like EM for me and tax for him.

he stayed over HAHA YAY. but anw we spent like the whole night really doing work and very tired after that :( we didnt even play much or talk long. and also like half asleep. totally lack of slp.

then was HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY today (: we both went to my church today! and meanie was late late late late late again despite me calling her at 8am HAHA :( then was baptism service. clarence got baptised! and lauren was making sooo much noise throughout. I GOT TWO EASTER EGGS TODAY! :D from pit and from my kj girls, so sweeet (: easter eggs make me happy.

you know my bus concession expired on 2nd april and i didnt get new one cos circle line coming up so may take train more with him. but then, on 3rd april and today (2 DAYS ONLY KNOW), i spent $6.38 on public transport already. that’s on average $3.19 per day. if times 30 days, $95.70. omg SO EXPENSIVE AND NOT WORTH IT. bus pass is only like what $50? and $10 per month for train usage which is extremely rare for me. yknow i’m so used to taking bus everywhere now that i’m not used to it when people say take train. i always think, waste money. SEE LAH :( :( :( i so sad.

then had CAT meeting and i was quite useless again as usual. ugh. i helped to walk the dog and feed it though. anw, maybe you know, like i should blog with headings, just like how i write my reports and essays. then people can just find the relevant portions and read HAHAHA. and if you’re too lazy to read all, can just read the headings. WOAH like newspaper uh (:

10pm and bahn and i went to bishan stadium. he wanted to run but it was closed. should have expected it right. but then i brilliantly suggested that he run the back alley of the stadium and sprint up and down. twing, so smart! and i just sat there and shouted and cheered HAHA.

TIRED NOW (: inertia to start studying. to start everything lah basically.


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