unconditional love

love was meant to be that way yes? (:

and if you’re going through hell, keep going.

ah yes meow. study plan mega failed :( hahah but dont really care also.

past two days played alot more than i should, i think. HWEEHWEE. tuesday morning let squiggly run around in the balcony again(: and then, we finally revived jaya’s kangoo (: WHEEE. drove around her condo for half an hour plus. the clutch sucks. and quite funny i think. we 3 took turns driving the kangoo up and down her condo. slope and parking (: then bahnny finally decided we’d take the kangoo out to eat! :D hehe. went to pump petrol then off we went to ikea. haha kangoo quite fun leh really. ate yummy penang laksa/char kway teow and beef noodles at this brickworks market.

then HOMEEEE to study abit here and there. violins are distractinggggg HAHA. stupid. david garrett’s awesome though, I WANNA MEET HIM. he looks like a soccer player playing a violin. then evening went to bishan stadium. bahn ran and pit and i cycled. HEEHEE OMG. fitting two bicycles into the kangoo is no joke. and WE STALLED QUITE A FEW TIMES. hwee silly bahn too long never drive manual already right.

ytd morning spent quite awhile CLEANING UP her kangoo YAYY. its now slightly cleaner and then we took it to stadium again. practised parking quite a few times. meeeeek. then to j8 for yakun breakfast then homeeee. vroom.

oh i wanted to buy new specs last night but too ex. HAHA i want new specs please (:

okay, just a few more days, i can do this :D


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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