in the summertime

YAY i’m so happy and eggcited (: (: (:


oh my lalalala. meeee i’m so happy for what’s gonna come (:

went over to pit’s house in the morning. of course had the intention to study bp. but of course, DID NOT (: hahaha. played piano and whatnots. then bahnny came over and took the kangoo. drove both of us plus jack to school (: lunch at koufu.  bp exam was retarded. concluded that all opim profs are abit lazy and yeah. but it wasnt easy the paper :( huff puff hahaha.

anyway, point of post: exams are over!!

first thing i did was eat free ben and jerrys (: us four yes, HWEEHWEE. then dropped jack and pittit at home then both of us zoomed off in the kangoo to ikea. bought nice rugs and mirrors and other stuff to prettify the car (: hahaha then to lauren’s house for dinner and PLAY. oh em gee, she’s becoming naughtier plssss (: but cute. and then back to his house at 9.30 and we both cleaned the kangoo thoroughly (: car wash interior plus exterior plus PIMP OUT THE CAR (: wheeeeee. now it looks nice and squeaky clean!

coming up tomorrow’s breakfast in the morning with bahnny, then driving lesson then jbbbbb with the two of them and jack & naz. and then on friday’s driving test. and saturday janice’s 21st and oh renggit plus xiao long bao plus PEP on the 2oth (: and sunway with bizcom from 22nd to 24th (: YAHOO. i’m so thankful that summer’s finally here.

woooof (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to in the summertime

  1. dug says:

    eh your summer’s here i thought is summer the dog is here. wth haha

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