i hate moths

eew there was a moth in my house just now. lucky didnt see it :( ugh.

hahah. on a more random note, had a nice msn chat with bobo glory and pacey ytd night :D i miss having them aroundddd.

anyhow, today was rather, interesting. first time car broke down HAHA. we three were driving the kangoo to serangoon when it first broke down outside some carpark. we were blocking the exit :( lucky it was a slope and so the car could roll further down. three of us super noob and lost pls. thank god this stranger guy came up and offered abit of help. he tried to figure out the problem and opened the front thing. in the end, he suggested getting help from the police. which we did. so the policeman brought out this charger thing and helped us jump start the car. YAY but sadly it only lasted awhile and it broke down again at the next carpark :( sadder this time, we had to push the van because it broke down at some spot that was blocking other vehicles. so yeah, we pushed and pushed hehe quite funny actually and we literally parked the car at some shaded corner (: this is what i call real manual driving yo. and then we called roger for help :( hahah. so he tried to get the car going but yeah FAIL. so we ended up calling his car mechanic friend. to cut the long story short, he came and the kangoo got towed away HAHA.

oh and the only good thing that came out of it was that lunch was freee :D

so first time sitting a tow truck. SO COOL (: hahah. the driver damn cool pls look like gangster plus got aura. i wanna be like him HAHA. first time being in a car repair place. so quite interesting but YUCKS, never wanna have to do this again. then went home to bathe. i didnt get to cut my hair in the end :'( then we had to cab down to sch for our HPair interview, if not late then die.

watched shutter island (: omg quite scary really, but nice!! the twist in the story was quite, unexpected i suppose.

anyhow tomorrow’s gonna be a long daaaay (: renggit + xiao long bao buffet + PEP (:

janice's 21st (:


bringing megan out!

HUMDEEDUM goodnight <3


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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