in my head i see you all over me

yesterday was shag max.

sunburnt, and fat now (: haha. surprisingly, didnt gain any weight. after all that seafood and xiao long baos :D haha.

woke up at like 7am :O kangoo came by to pick us up and many many others before heading off to changi v! so funny know, there were like 8 people on board the kangoo. 2 in front and 6 behind. twas a mad squeeze haha (: must have felt heavvyyyy hehe. reached changi v like at 8.30 dont know why so lateeee. hahah. got our bikes waited around and off we went. boarded the bumboat with our bikes to pengerang which was errr, somewhere in msia haha (: boat ride was 45 mins everyone looked damn sleepy pls. anyhow camwhoring was the time filler (: (: hehe. photos on fb and more with zihui and whoever, jack! reached msia arnd 10.30 and cycled all the way to sungei rengit. anyhow, cycling was shag shag shag. haha there was arnd 1hr 15mins but dont know why seemed like forever. one never ending road down.

but it was all worth it (:


some kind of meat (:


humongous YUMMY feeshy

the king of all kings (:

and guess what, all that and more for just $14.70 sing! HAHAH. OMG don’t jealous pls cos even i feel hungry looking at these photos again! haha the rest of the photos on fb (: hehe.

yup thats us (:

anw so the cycle back was HORRENDOUS, as much as the food was heavenly ): HAHA. nearly died and got damn burnt under the 1pm-3pm sun. CRAZINESS I SWEAR. next time definitely driving there. took the bumboat back. was shagged out ttm alr. reached back mainland like 4 plus near 5. this time kangoo fitted 9 people in the car and we dropped off many before going home to chiong bathe then out again for guess what, XIAO LONG BAO BUFFET. seriously, how greedy can one get?

xlb buffet was awesome too (: ate 3 whole longs of the xlb on top of steamboat hahaha. i heart xiao long baos. after that drove the kangoo back and rested for like 40 mins. really konked out then woke up at 10pm again and took new circle line down to supper club (: haha. omg bras basah station rocks. haha. i think smu’s getting cooler by the day (: HEHE. as in srsly, have you ever tried stepping out of the mrt station into your own sch and right next to bizcom room some more. its crazy lah. the fling was good (: much better than expected. ticket sales soared until we ran out of tickets and the atmosphere was nice. music not bad also and ooh i like supper club’s beds damn niceeee (: (: (: hweehwee. but didnt do much but stand around and drink and watch people dance. was seriously damn dead tired. left the place arnd 1.30am cabbed home and CONCUSSED onto my bed (: haha.

this morning got up at 8.45am. srsly why do i wake up so early?! went to golden mile to make the remaining payment for sunway tmr (: and then to army market for yummy beef noodle plus ah balling lunch (: wheet wheet. then to sgoon to cut my hair and then bought toiletries. NOW IM HOMEEE (: gonna pack my bags for tmr. then timbre tonight with ocip (: yahoo!!


life is great aint it? :D hahaha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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