you wear that shoes and i will wear that dress

and so, here i am sitting and waiting for my 267 photos to upload onto facebook. and its 11.49pm and i dont really care i dont wanna sleep. bahnny is gonna start internship tomorrow BOO :( and i am gonna go penang without him on thursday DOUBLE BOOO :( miss you much everyday you’ll be so busy at work, no time to entertain me. haha. then when im back from penang, my internship starts. see, my summers. haha.

but anyway, the point wasnt supposed to be that. hahah. the point was supposed to be happy squirmy bouncy things like sunway with bizcommmm (: and rooooollinnnnggg around. haha yeah right.

so thursday woke up like damn early. 6am! the last time i woke up that early was maybe, er, FTB. haha okay no, as in, it felt rather secondary schoolish to be waking up that early at home. my dad fetched me bahn pittit and jack to golden mile and we reached there at 715 to meet everyone (: most people were on time which was, surprising haha. had breakfast at army market and the bus left at 8. ooh the bus was damn damn awesome and nice. seriously, like first class plane maybe. think we were all pretty amazed by the bus and all the cool features and the humongous chairs and the tv and play station thing thingy and massage function and how it could extend until can lie down all that nonsense. and sooo much space (: couldnt decide what movie to watch so ended up watching raising helen which turned out to be quite a nice show (: funny and abit sad. then slept for a bit hahah wheee. and then woke up dont know when and started playing poker texas holdem with jack freddy and pit and OMGGGGG, i kept losing so i ended owing so much ringgit to all three of them. like 7, 11, 4 or sth. hahaha lucky didnt have to pay them in the end. so sad :( i suck. then listened to music. YAY i think i’ve said this before but i love listening to my mp3 on long bus rides and day dreaming <3 hahaha. then we reached and put our stuff down yay the girls got adjoining rooms and the guys too. so it was 5 of us in the two rooms so nice. had lunch at this place called mr teppanyaki. actually not that nice. and then we started the shopping spreeee. everytime shopping means girls and guys split for hourrrrs. hahah. so yeah we split and shopped shopped shopped. fun leh shop with girls. and got to know them better too (: then we met back w the guys to play bowling HAHAH. omg i really sucked :( then after bowling we split up again and continued the shopping. we all spent really long in nichii trying on SOOOO many clothes quite funny. we all just took took took took and took and all the nice funny ridiculous ones also and kept trying and coming out and showing each other and laughing. we wanted to take photos there but cannot the person so strict :( kept watching us so we just had a good laugh at it and OOH i tried a maxi dress. quite pretty actually. we spent like more than half an hour in that shop haha. in the end, we all bought one thing from that shop. i bought a dress for work (: (: hehe. then we met back for dinner at manhattan fish market. so silly know the 5 of us girls all shared one seafood platter for two. hahahah. and we couldnt finish somemore. cos we ate so much of the bread w the nice sauce and fried mushrooms haha. and then yes, off we went shopping again, no surprise. then we met back at 930 and watched kickasssss :D movies in msia are cheap (: but actually not that cheap. that time i ever watched one movie 8 ringgit onlyyy haha. this time was like 12 ringgit, but yeah, actually twas free (: haha. cos he paid. anwwww, kickass DAMN VIOLENT AND VULGAR. but i still liked the show leh. some people were like dozing off alr haha. hit girls so cute but yes, violent. then back we went to the hotel and bathed and all and peizhi and yikka went to sleep but pit, suh tyng and i htht-ed until 2am (: i liked htht w them cos we got to know suh tyng alot better and like find out stuff and just talk. talking’s fun (: and suh tyng’s so cute lah. and we all told our stories in detail haha. after that we just went to sleep but we were talking all the way even when the lights were off until we slept at probably past 2 alr. hehehe (:

next day’s buffet breakfast was yummy ttm (: i always loved hotel breakfasts. buffets with the porridge and soup and rice and noodles and scrambled eggs and muffins and omelettes and sausages and meat and salads (actually i dont like salads) and fruits and yogurts and CEREALS and juices and what nots(: finished breakfast arnd 10 then we went up to the room to talk again. the girls i mean (: continuation of previous night’s htht and more updates HAHA (: then 1045 we went down to wait at the entrance of sunway themepark YAY YAY YAY. very little people cos school day plus working day plus not any holiday. SO HOORAY. we really didnt have to queue for anything. water themepark was awesomeeeee loooveee. dry themepark too (: roller coasters my fav! mwee mwee mweeeee. and we went to see the wildlife park which was actually really just the zoooo BOO haha. but anw we spent much longer at the wet and dry themepark so hooray to that (: that was awesome. loved the slides and sitting on them together, and floats and playing arnd. the guys are sooo stewpid always trying to push us off the floats. and my fav was the superman thing where we lie on the mat and race down the water slide. and ding hao always won :| hahaha. and bahnny was always last. HAHA WHYYY. but i think the best thing was, no queue (: and i sat like practially every ride w bahnny until i wanted to change partner HAHA but cannot cos odd number of girls and no other girl can go with another guy. MEOW haha. but funnn (: i like sitting slides w you! one day we shall go all the themeparks in the woorld and sit every ride together! left the place around 4pm and bathed and talked more till it was time to go shopping (: actually we ate early dinner first cos we were so hungry. had ajisen ramen (: yummy. then split up for shopping. this time we bought. i bought. like two pairs of heels and a bag for work. nice black squarish bag haha. actually everything was for work. but i heart my heels! navy blue and white! haha. oh and yeah all the girls bought the same shirt (: haha. from FOS. very cute. then we went to a&w and bought two of their root beer floats. and then we all went back to the hotel room and congregated at the guys room (: 11 of us and we playeddddd like long long long. we had like card games like the ace two three four thing which lasted really long and was super funny actually. people like suh tyng, jensen, jack. mighty amusing (: couldnt stop laughing at them. then we had poker and we played polar bear for really long too. polar bear’s so silly & fun. and then we all htht-ed like in a circle kind. play games and asked questions. sth like truth or dare. haha. guys are so lousy and not fun at this kind of game. so we played until sian and sleepy then the girls went back to the room which was like around 2am and then we continued our own talking and htht and gossiping till 4am then SLEEEEP (: so tired pls. but i liked listening to all the stories.

buffet breakfast again the next day but the spread was abit different? hahah. went back to the room packed abit and then checked out and left our luggage w the concierge. then of course, the girls went back to shop again. peizhi really wanted to buy her shoes but didnt have her size for so many! haha. anw did i mention my shoes like damn cheap. $30 for my two heels together and U.R.S somemore leeeh (: hehe. this time we shopped more for fun. we went to forever 21 and mango and tried on a dozen pieces again. dresses tops and what nots. this time took more photos and so cute. we all so cute lah do this kind of silly thing. but very fun. then we had a whole pint of baskin robbins icecream damn cheap and good. and we camwhored alot. yepppp, then finally had yummy bah ku teh lunch across the street before we boarded our bus at 145 and then off we went back to singaporeeee :( boo. haha. so fast over right. slept for arnd an hour and then woke up and bahnny and i watched hercules together :D haha. but i didnt get to watch it until the end before jack and freddy came over and we started playing bridge and dai dee on the bus hrmph haha. hercules was nice lor! and then after all the card games we alllll decided to go back to playing polar bear. so we just had mass polar bear session until we reached the causeway and singapore hahah. then we went to army market for dinner/supper and i managed to eat my ah balling AGAIN (: yahooo.

and that more or less sums up my trip (: hahah. i wanna do my hair and nails and brows. my nails are in a horrible state actually haha :( and i h8 facebook cos they always upload fail on meeee. hrmph.

bizcom love (:


today my daddy’s birthday (: had kj today and so little kids turned up. i think cos maybe hfmd then idk. so saaad. yew jia rae sick :( hweehwee. after church had tuition and yay got money today :D haha. then went to 313 with bahnny and we did the cake for my father. the icing sth shop where they give you plain vanilla cream cakes that actually taste quite nice. then they let you use the icing and cream and stuff and decorate it yourself :D hahha so bahn and i did that and actually the cake quite ugly leh. but tasted good so oh well. walked around 313 awhile. and had dinner at spageddies @ orchard central YUM YUM. lobster and chicken pasta and we sat outside with the wind so strong and view so nice (: and then after that went to ion awhile then to his house to laze around and just talk. ooohhh well.

have fun at work tomorrow!

love you plenty (:


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