vanilla twilight

after spending like nearly 3 and a half hours in the salon, i have flat straight hair now. its actually not bad, better than the previous time. but flat is a no no. so im gonna wash it later and poof it up :D

i’ve just tagged and captioned nearly 200 photos of sunway (: people are gonna be so annoyed when they sign into their facebook HWEEHWEE.

bahnny’s first day at internship ytd. i woke up at 630 to msg him :D

met meanie yesterday at 930 for breakfast at old town white coffee :D slurpppp. so yummy. polo bun was weird but not bad. and iced hazelnut coffee was the bomb :D we talked alot. talked talked and talked. WHEE MEANIE I WANT MORE QMT. is it? quality meanie time. haha best friend time.

then we walked to taka and bought sm:)ey face donuts and milk. was supposed to meet bahnny for lunch but then last minute he smsed saying cannot. so i decided to give the milk to meanie. then awhile later he said can meet again. so i flew down to raffles place and we ate some mui fan thing quite nice and cheap :D and i walked him back to the shelter cos it was raining so heavily. miss you much when you’re at work. so boring :(

i wanted to do my brows but decided to go do my hair first. so i went back to fareast to do my hair and yeah i spent until 5.10 doing my hairrr. flat! haha then was supposed to wait for bahnny at his office when he ends work at 5.30 then go home tgt. anyhow, it was horrible cos at 5.30 he hadnt ended and my feet were super pain and had humongous swelling blisters on both sides. and so i decided to go into orchard station to wait since was at fareast anyway. waited around 20 mins then ugh he havent end and no sms and no call :( so i took train down to tanjong pagar and wanted to wait at the starbucks. waited waited waited for like forever and no idea what happened cos no call or msg. he finally ended like slightly over an hour late. like 6.40 then he msged and said he just ended. by that time i already wandered to outside his office building HAHA. and just waited there like a stone. poot. stewpid deloitte keeps interns so late on the first day :(

to his house for dinner and then i discovered one side of my earring was missing. called the hair place and thank God it was there :D so drove back to get it and then to aunty betty’s house to get BOF (: hehe gonna rewatch YAHOO!

penang on thursday, and yeah internship next week! :( meow.

the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly

i wanna go back and deco cakes again!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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