rocket up to hell

i hate how the heels kill my feet everyday. but i still wear them everyday D: hahah. that’s vanity, and working life.

i’m becoming more and more like an OL (: what with the every morning mad rush and raffles place crowd’s terrible. everyone looks like as if their life sucks. wonder why i always wanted to work there as a kid. haha now that im here, i dont think its that nice. anw, then i buy my coffee and go to work :D

nearly a week down, and i’m blogging at work. hahah no it’s not that i have nothing to do.i just get bored easily. and i wanna travel like my boss. and come in 1 and a half hours late and leave 2 hours early like her. and sit by the window and do whatever i want. i wanna be married and have kids by her age and become a CEO and own my own company just like her :D hahahah.

welllll, at least we share some similarities in common. LIKE WE BOTH USE VAIO LAPTOPS (: and we’re both not feeling well ): hahaha. that aside, nothing much in common. HAHA. but oh, maybe i’ll walk her footsteps one day. at least, that’s possible.

work the first 2 days were very boring. spent most of my time downloading erm, resumes. hahah. third day wasnt so bad, somehow. even though my job scope didnt get any more exciting. went for exchange talk tues night (: so exciting i pray we three get in. now very busy whole day researching on courses and unis. not doing work at all. there’s so much to be done D: so little time. exchange application is such a pain (just like heels) but im sure it will be worth it. right? :S hahah.

then ytd was dinner and shopping w the bahn and pittit after work. everyday i look forward to 12.3o where i meet him for lunch. everyday without fail (: for that 45 minutes or so. and its so bad cos he always walks over to my office when his is quite far. and then i countdown to 6pm. hahah. then we get to go home together and eat dinner together. and i ride his bicycle home (with my skirt ughhh). but actually im still quite busy.

the worst thing is, i have no intern friends, no one my age. but that’s okay. i have alot of freedom to msn and blog and whatever HAHA.

but work seems to be getting more exciting but very gradually and slowly, if anything. i’ve done up one powerpoint slide and im gonna be doing another one. hurhur. for the next few days, all (or most of) my energy’s going into exchange. AHHH, pleaseeee let us get it together :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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