rock a bye baby

its mid week wednesday :D two more days to the end of the week then week two’s doooownnn YAHOO!

work’s actually improving slightly. like my job’s not so mundane anymore. i talk to the perm staff a teeny weeny bit (: and oh i did up the first newsletter and sent it out.

monday had lunch w pittit and yikka. pittit’s working two buildings down at one george street (: YAY. so now she, yikka, bahnny and me are lunch buddies HAHA. monday night had bash exco meeting. retarded seriously. quite fun though :D

yesterday had lunch w the bizcommie bommies at lao pasat. peizhi yikka jensen bahn pit and me me me me. twas not bad too. tuition last night was OMG i wanna drop this student and find another one already haha. seriously.

anyhow, exchange application has been going pretty smoothly so far. have all my 3 worksheets approved, and both profs agreed to be references for me :D now’s just left with the 5000 charater essay and study plan, and the actual application for the uni (: then i’m done. SO FAST RIGHT!

just came back from lunch w the lunch gang. hurhur. tonight’s gonna be dinner w bizcom again at clarke quay. and then tomorrow’s dinner with MEANIEEEEE :D havent seen her in ages.

ohwell. i just put my old town white hazelnut coffee into the fridge. hope it turns cold cold cold soon. goodnight people. im going back to my client database. and tomorrow i have a meeting to attend :D beams.

good day. haha.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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