yesterday’s work was really much more fun (: haha. i think i like my work, so far. hehe.

sat through a short meeting yesterday on work-life balance. hweehweeeeee. i paid attention okay, everything’s so mpw pls (: i feel smart cos i understand whats going on. yayy. then was lunch and then i did part of the card. then met the usual gang for lunch. this time we went to raffles xchange and ate some nice and not too ex yong tau foo. and then we had yami yogurt YAY. came back from lunch, didnt do anything till around 2.45 then i sat in one interview. or rather half. and i left the office at 3.30. oh the joy :D haha.

went down with this colleague to some office at tuas. zomg, so far. like going malaysia. hahah. quite interesting conversations we had. learnt alot about the company, HR stuff, interesting stories, and other random things. ooh (: its actually quite exciting. mew mew. then we ended at 4.45 and i went off from there.

met bahnny at tanjong pagar for about half an hour before meeting meanie (: we went to once upon a milk shake! i like my strawberry milkshake :D so niceeee. was supposed to eat hock lam but didnt in the end. we walked and walked and walked and ended up at some :( place where we only ate half a pasta salad at spinelli’s. HAHA why our meal dates always fail. haha next time im gonna wear flats and walk around w you, not heels.

and we must meet and just talk and do nothing but talk okay, not sms :D hahahah.

TGIF TGIF i wanna do something nice tonight :D hum dee dum. after today it’s 11 more weeks before my internship’s OVERRRRR!

i miss last summer.

im gonna be like her in future. and boys are so meeean :(


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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