boys boys boys

trinkety tronk (:

the office is almost empty cept for me and one other girlie. YAY. just got back from lunch w the usual. i bought yupi apple rings! :D what a gloomy monday hahaha, i mean it rained in the morning after all. truly monday blues wheeee. i’m so sleepy now dont wanna work even though i have many many things to do. haha but at least i’m learning, some stuff here and there.

the weekend was alright. but it passed too quickly, i always feel like i wasted it away :( meowwww. my tgif friday was wasted on programs meeting which was supposed to end at 8.30 (according to my ideal plan) but ended at 10 instead. HUFF PUFF :(

saturday morning woke up like 8 plus which is really quite late for me HAHA. and bahn and i had to accompany my mum to the super market. pffffttt then we went to pit’s house to eat lunch and tried to do our 5000 essay thing for exchange but failed miserably. then bahn and i went to vivo to walk around and tried shopping for my dress. oh we ended up eating the mango sticky rice and thai chendol at thai express after awhile. give up.

uhh, i want the black esprit jacket and gap flowery bright and beautiful dress !!! :D hahaha. buy for me please. and i want iphone or blackberry the white one.

haha pretty right!! ♥

and netbook (cos my laptop’s too heavy to bring to school and work).  and i think that’s all. i dont really know what i want for my birthday because all the stuff i want are expensive :( i just want a holiday and my driving license :(


saturday night was cg. was supeeeerr sleepy and bored during cg zzz. and like i dont know, very bad right, i feel like im not really enjoying my weekends to the max. those two days are like so short and precious and bulks of it always just fly away doing dont know what. so that was my saturday. and sunday was like church, kj :D i love kj. the kids make me smileeee. and then kj training then met bahn at ion for while before we met pit to go vivo (again) to shop. i think we just walked and walked and tried on stuff until our legs broke :( haiyohhh so mahfan leh. at least i bought my dress. i kind of want to own a maxi dress haha. but i dont know whether i’ll really wear it. then had dinner w my family at hongkong kim gary (: wheee.

so that was my weekend. SIGGGGHHHHHHH. i wanna like watch movies. and go somewhere far away, like east coast. hahaha fail.

oh oh i painted my nails bright blue HAHA. im so bored now. i should really start doing work.

AND, yay, im gonna choreo the dance w charmaine for the pageant people! (: twingggsssss.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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