can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars

please don’t send me to tuas :'(

OMG hahah if i really go there it’ll be one week of hell. the travelling and, erm, loneliness. who to eat lunch with? how early must i wake up? seriously. but i suppose it’ll be interesting though.

purrfect quality times together, just both of us ♥ that’s just what i like (and want).

anyhoo, what did i wanna say. oh yah had nice picnic lunch with the bahn at flyer near the sea with all my favourite food. :D :D :D :D sushi platter, popeyes mashed potato large, blackcurrent drink (errr). and we had the $1 biscuit icecream and bubble tea after! nice quiet picnic, I LIKE!

and kj once again always makes me happy. yew jiarae so cute. the cutest there (: and she was the last one left on sunday haha. dinner was at liang court with family (: jappy food!

saturday morning was a nice peaceful morning. hehe woke up early and washed squigg’s cage. and then swam 30 lapsies and then came up talked to my parents (: and read book. HAHA. so ideal right. and then tuition (i can kill the boy i swear) and then to taka and phoon huat and then over to bahn’s house.

friday night wasssss, what did i do huh. OH I KNOW. dinner the pittit drove yes? somewhere was it town? TOWN TOWN TOWN. brown town. i know we went balestier for supper (: mweeeeeep.

OKAY KNOCK OFF TIME. this is a totally unstructured entry (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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