the first cut is the deepest

i really really wanna watch this show. i think nicholas sparks books always have very very pretty covers and nice phrases and sentences. always makes you feel very sad.

this picture like very impactful leh i see already like will think think think. funny aye like do you think its true. i always think about this on and off, like whether people ever really forget their first real heartbreak. i dont think they ever do right. i mean for me, i dont have any before (twinkssss!) but for those who’s ever had before, will they ever forget? think not. cos if you really loved someone before and they hurt you alot, no matter how much you’ve moved on with life, you wont forget right? esp not your first.

i always think firsts are like very special. yes right? haha :( like your first memory of anything. first day of school, first (best) friend, first time you felt failure. esp like first love, first boyfriends, first time holding hands, first kiss, first heartbreak etc. think first loves always have a special place in people’s hearts. as in maybe not first boyfriend/girlfriend, but like first person you really loved alot. like maybe someone that you didnt get in the end. SAD RIGHT :( will always hold a special place or sth even though its been so many years kind of thing. soooo, firsts that are always special and wont ever be forgotten. thats my conclusion :(

haha so sad my thoughts.

on a brighter note, ytd’s work wasnt so bad. had lunch at amoy quee market. and dinner was w zing & seah (: ate at 313 niwa sushi plus maggiemoos. should have bought more potato salads. had fun though (: meet ups with them are always full of rubbish. miss GE days leh. haha we ended up at macs after dinner and discussed birthday plans (: yay.

1 year 4 months yo (:

lunch today at golden shoe market. and i wore until damn disgusting today. like not matching. later still got bash gm :'( boooooo. i wanna watch movieeee.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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