girl talk

my mummy is forcing me to sell squiggs ): because. i dont know. she thinks he’s alot of trouble POOOT. and i have just put up loads of ads online.

someone nice please buy him ):

he’s so cute pls why must sell him away ): but i know if i go exchange no one will take care of him also. and apparently my mum cant stand the mess he’s creating so ): BOO.

he’s going for $80. but if everything together (cage food hay and more) then $160 HAHA ): meowwww. such a short lived pet ): but i likeeeee. dont want him to go.

anyhow, bash meeting last night. and then met meanie this morning for breakfast at 313 (:

besties (when ben's gone, haha) ♥

we always fail at food dates huh. ended up eating jollibean pancakes and sitting at some bench cos nothing was open. then we wenta tcc (or coffee club) and read magazines for awhile and she ate her cheesecake. cleo’s nice (: and then i went for my face doctor appt. YAY LAST 4 BOXES. so expensiveeee.

then we two met jaslyn for lunch. ate niwa sushi again (: wont get sick of jap food one. long time no seeeee. updates w them were quite fun ♥ i like these kind of girly convos leh dont seem to have much of them. fireworks fireworks, you two so silly.

three little pigs remember?

then went to work. and now i’m here. tonight gonna meet ocip gang again YAY (: more photos more photos!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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