ribbons & daisies

its the 1st of june (: tuesday morning. nearly half a year has gone by omg. and imma gonna turn 21 soon! in just twelve days time. so eggciting and so old haha.

is twenty one supposed to be a special number? cos i don’t think it is at all. huffffff.

anyhow, i wanna paint my nails. manicure and pedicure please! :D red nails for my birthday.

and gun mental grey nails too. for i dont know what. and when people ask me what i want for my birthday, i dont know what to say. i cant possibly say whatever it is i want haha. i dont even know what i want hurrr. bracelets maybe? i only know i want blogshop clothes and money haha :( so sad. and i want a few nice dresses too. but i cant tell people. later different taste hahaha omg im so mean.

weekend was spent in desaru.

the journey there was horrendously, jammed. then there was the jet skiing, banana boating and what nots. managed to read half a book. the undomestic goddess. ate seafood for dinner. went back, bathed, talked :) talking’s nice. rolling’s the best HAHA. wheeeee.

bought my red heels at desaru! and oh, i carried a baby croc too :) came back and out to dinner. robinsons! shopping #2 continued. bought myself a bright happy yellow luggage for exchange! yayyyy. bahnny bought so many things. 2 shirts, 1 pair of shoes and a tie. and wracked my brains hard trying to think of ideas >:( hrmph, fail.

sunday church sat with meanie (: and then driving again. after driving went out shopping again. gotta ring ring ring ding ding! haha YAYYY!! and bought my brown heels. and books from prints for both of us for our birthday. and spent a bomb at papermarket getting the deco. then dinner was at some ulu market place at bukit timah errr, beauty world centre omg. haha. and then back to my house and watched abit of from paris with loveee. okay lah quite exciting (: but havent watch finish. wheee.

then work on monday. mm it was fine and then i spent nearly the whole day collating photos and online shopping. i want the brown belt from hocuspocusing and sammie’s coral toga. and yay, chicmoss! then home to dinner with lauren cutie pie (: YAYYY. so happy.

omgosh and i really need to print my colour pics >:(

tried a thousand and one ways but cannot! why cannot !!! i’ll have to print b&w then, if not no time. so saaaad. haha. twill be so much work cutting and pasting onto coloured paper hurumph.

and why am i not invited?! :( hahaha. sobssss.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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