bright & beautiful

to everyone who made it happen ♥

the party’s over but i’m not yet 21 (: hehehe. it was fun and all with surprises along the way. i like my presents! and thanks everyone who came. the deco was so pretty and quite shocking haha. the windmills so huge pls. and everything was colourful! thanks seah zing and clique. lauren was the star of the night when she sang bad romance into the mic (: and err yeah, doraemon came haha OMG. puss jon and seah sang too. very nice. i didnt even eat much. and yes, MY DRESS is horrendous to sit in. i can hardly sit and stand with ease. photos photos photos. none by my own camera. surprisingly, i felt too busy to even camwhore.

and the night just flew by. hahah. oh and the very unromantic speech by bahn. so cute and retarded. hurhur. you’re so silly leh. only reached home past midnight and then opened all my presents hehe. felt like a little girl. i like all :) thanks everyoneee. but my favs are the swarovski bracelet, coach wrislet and the heart necklace! and havis too :)

anw was soooo happy yesterday when i went to church and grace toh, some 6 year old girl who is in kj but not my group, came up to me and gave me a paper bag and said happy birthday :D and i was THE HAPPIEST OF ALL when i went down to the kj room and yew jia rae gave me a present. haha omg i tell u i was beamingggg (: (: she remembered my birthday!! that totally made my day i swear.

then driving. and then met bahn. we rented sex and the city and watched at my house. so silly and bimbotic the show. hehe but very entertaining lah. and then had dinner with my family at mr curry at central (: then homey momey and bahn came over a little while.


last week last weeek  thurs had seafood dinner at long beach restaurant with my company people (: it was quite fun and i had a big crab claw home to dabao (: yummy. my birthday present from them. hahaha. i gave it to bahn anyway who was so happily and greedily eating the whole thing.

and friday, oh twas actually quite bad cos was rushing around looking for macarons. and then to pit’s house to do nails and our guestbook.

feeling abit lazy now. updates soon. hahaha yay 12th june is coming. what should i do on that day >:)


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to bright & beautiful

  1. bobo says:

    sounds like you had a really good time (: <3

  2. thycherry says:

    haha yeah it was fun. but my dress sucked :(

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