taken by surprise

(and a very long entry ahead) sooo let’s continue where i left off. the night of 9th june. we had a bbq at lauren’s place. swam with her (meaning water play) and had quite abit of fun. she’s so retarded.

phuket surprise trip

at 5am on the 10th june, bahn and pit came into my room and turned the lights on. didnt really get what was going on for a few seconds. first thought was mummy why you on the lights!! until i heard both their voices go happy birthday surprise! and then i was grumpy and didnt want to wake up haha but they said i had 45 minutes to pack up and go. and i was like go where and they said go airport really im not joking. at first i still thought had to apply leave. but apparently bahnny had already helped me apply leave :D so okay they didnt wanna tell me where i was going so i had to bathe and pack for 3d2n in 40 mins. so fast righttt. then they whisked me off to the airport in a state of shock (: haha. so niceeee. and i was so glad that i could escape from work!

reached the airport and they didnt wanna check in first. and then puss came :D haha surprise surprise number two. and then we went to macs to eat breakfast and seah came! haha.:D it was nice fun. weiting elaine and zing were supposed to be going too but they couldnt last minute cos of various reasons ): so sad. if not it would have been 8 of us so fun! then we checked in and walked around. not much to shop except for duty free. the plane was supposed to leave by 8 but only took off at 8.20! listened to music on the flight, and slept, and talked to puss and pittit (: landed around 10am, which was their 9am only! so early and curly. the hotel had some chaffeur come and pick us up so nice right. so we sat their big car back. slept the whole journey.

anw our hotel’s some very pretty boutique hotel. the interiors of each room is like interior designed and different from each other. they even had condoms inside the room, which we found rather amusing. they served us welcome drinks. some punch which was very nice. and cold towels. and while waiting to check in we made friends with this very cute and responsive kitten that understands what we’re saying (: we asked the owner and she said his name was tiko. HAHA. so cuteee.

put our stuff down lazed around then went out for lunch at some thai restaurant by the street. not really restaurant. more like open air cafe. pad thai tom yum kung fried rice and oh their very nice teh bing which wins singapore’s one hands down (: and the guys had chang beer hehe. and then we immediately started shopping. bought 2 dresses – one maxi and one plain coloured one which we bought for the whole clique (: maxi’s prettaye and clique one’s cute. i nearly bought a 3rd dress too haha. seah bought like seven shades. haha. but all from different stalls. and i kept peeling off my nail polish ): haha random. bargaining was quite fun actually. had all the you so handsome, its my birthday today, you happy i happy tactics. became quite pro by the end of the trip (:

then we walked over to the beach and decided to go back to the hotel to change to go back to the beach HAHA (: the beach is always welcoming, too good to miss. didnt play any water sports cos it was damn ex and i just recently came back from desaru. so we just basically lazed around soaking up the sun and seawater. and we played lots with the soft soft sand :D the waves were quite big and we had cheap thrills trying to go deeper into the water and against the waves. honestly quite scary. cannot imagine what it was like during the tsunami ): we spent really long at the beach relaxing. superrrr good (: and had lots of fun talking and laughing. and then we went back all sandy and wet only to find out that government water supply had been cut off :/ and so had the most painful and torturous bath in my life, using two cups to collect trickling tap water and alternating between two cups to shower. the showerhead in the bath didnt even have a drop of water coming from there. painful plus annoying, what with all the sand everywhere. took nearly half an hour. and then the 3 of us girls played cards (: the guys were abit smarter. they just watched tv and waited for the water to come on. and by the time we were all done, the water came back on and the guys had a happy bath D:

then had dinner at some other restaurant. this time i had pad thai (: had been having the craving since lunch! had some seafood this time. had the squid and fish. after dinner we walked around and shopped at some wholesale lookalike place. after awhile we headed to bangla st. heard many things about that st. like the fact that guys would get groped there and girls could be completely safe even if they were walking there in a bikini. haha. bangla st was interesting i guess. no one got groped in the end :P but oh we saw trannys. like really tall and thin and hot trannys in pink tutu skirts. quite gross actually. but they were really pretty! hahaha yucks. then we headed to starbucks to chill awhile over my caramel macchiato (cravings again :S) before taking the tuktuk back. and then, we went for thai massage :D the place we went didnt have enough beds so we had to split. so bahn and i went to another one. wheee.

then back to the hotel room with our lays chips and snacks and beer and then we watched when in rome (we bought earlier at 3 bucks!) :D the show’s really quite stupid actually. and then we went to sleep zzz :D

second day 11th june we woke up at 8.30 local time (which is actually really 9.30 spore time and one day’s not enough for your body to adjust :D) hahaha. so early right so proud of us. had breakfast at the hotel. scrambled eggs with sausage and bread and fruit punch and teaaa. yummy way to start the day :D then we took a tuktuk out of patong, to phuket town. we asked the tuktuk uncle to bring us to the place to ride horses (hahah) but when we got there we realised it was too ex and so we didnt wanna ride. he looked damn pissed with us cos we probably made him lose all his commission haha. so he brought us to a temple (as requested by seah) which was actually quite nice (architecturally) and all. seah and puss went to pray so pit, bahn and i walked around and bought ice cream (like 10 cents ice cream?) and took photos with the buildings and all. heehee. on the way back was more exciting cos the tuktuk ran out of gasoline. so the uncle had to stop the tuktuk in the middle of nowhere and borrow another random guy’s motorbike to drive down to buy gasoline. so we had awhile to chill in the hot hot sun there. not very chill in fact. and when he finally came back with the gasoline, he had to fill it himself, then drive back down to return the bottles. gasoline there is cheap :D hahaha. cheaper than my shopping i think.

we wanted to rent our own motorbikes after that but decided it was too much of a hassle. the hotel wanted to see our licenses, while the outside ones wanted us to exchange our passports for a bike. but it would have been cool :D never rode a motorbike before! so anyhow, we walked down to a shopping mall which was really really lousy. but bahn and seah managed to get watches. like timex ones for 71 bucks. not bad. and there was really nothing to buy there. and not much food. only the coke float there was damn cheap and good. like 1 dollar. by that time it was already 2 plus pm and we were all quite hungry so we decided to walk back to the streets and entered this restaurant/bar again and ate the usuals. this time i ate some rice with beef and dont know what. but the nicest this time was seah’s fried rice haha. meow. and then we continued our shopping. bahnny bought this water pack, which from far really looks like a sling bomb. but quite cool now can go into the waters with a bag. except, whatever for. i bought two singlets (: red bull and heineken! :D pretty, i like! and pittit and i bought fake (lousy) havis for fun. white coloured and fat haha. and oh i bought myself a bikini. and one for meanie too!

then we were dying from the heat so we decided to go and eat lebanese kebabs. the kebabs were the awesomest (: maybe because we were hungry and tired and hot. sat there and chilled awhile. drank abit of beer. mmhmm. and oh we bought dvds too. they sold them in one room hidden from public view and there were hundreds of them in there. damn nice lah. bought taken & ps i love you!

went back to the hotel to rest and play cards. and then out to do mani and pedi (: its not even cheap there. like 25 bucks total for both. BOO. but its okay. it was quite fun. bahnny went to cut hair. and guess what, my camera dropped into the basin of water that was used to soak my feet for pedi ): so it instantly spoilt. dieded ): damn sad! but thank God my SD card was saved. and so after the mani and pedi (which took an hour!) we walked around looking for braids cos seah and puss wanted to do. it was quite late already so after walking a long while, we decided to give up and just eat. hahaha. this time we ate at a real hawker by the street. and the food was much cheaper and damn good! (though possibly diarrheoa causing)

after dinner we chilled around abit doing nothing and then decided we wanted to find a nice jazz bar with a live band (: walked around alooot but couldnt find any nice, non sleazy one at first. and then omg, as we were walking, we saw this alley with alot of pubs and bars so we decided to venture in. bad move cos the first thing i saw was this (almost) naked guy dancing in his white underwear. nothing occured to me until we saw even more guys coming over trying to hit on, THE GUYS. haha champion. seah was quick to realise and flew out of the place immediately. bahnny and i werent so smart. we continued walking in until there was this guy super close to him, almost going to touch him, and then we all knew it was a gay bar alley. omg -.- could have died. we zoomed out of the place immed.

we finally found a nice bar with a live band (though it wasnt jazz) playing lady gaga kind of music. haha and there was a huge drop down screen showing the south africa vs mexico match. not bad, got atmosphere. i ordered some cosmopolitan drink which wasnt very nice. and after i finished i continued with beer. so we just drank and bounced along with the music and watched soccer until around 10 plus near 11. then we walked over to some shopping centre to buy a slice of caramel cheesecake :D for my countdown. then took the tuktuk back to hotel. super cheat money cos it was a 1 minute ride. then we went to the family mart to get more food and back to bathe.

then we watched taken :D eggciting. halfway through we stopped to countdown with the caramel cheesecake and then we continued watching the show eating lays and drinking. YEP, so that’s how i counted down by 21st (: watching a dvd in a boutique hotel in phuket with my lovely boyfriend and friends haha. abit anti climax though cos we had to stop the movie halfway hahaha (: wheee.

so i’m 21 (: happy 21st to me.

next day 12th june we woke up at 5.30am and packed. went down for the same breakfast again before the same guy drove us back to the airport. we reached super early so we played abit of cards and then bahn and i watched quite abit of sherlock holmes on his laptop there. pit and seah slept and puss read her book. and then yep, we flew back D: haha. so fast.

landed around 12 noon and bought some 12 year old chivas regal for clarence. and ooh my parents came to pick me up and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers :D heehee. actually pittit had one too. then we wenta long house for lunch with my parents. went home unpacked settled some stuff and then went out.

back in singapore,

to island creamery to meet lianzy, with pit and bahnny again. oh meee we just ended up sharing ONE brownie with apple pie ice cream on top. haha. and we finished super quickly. chilled for very very short before we became restless to go somewhere. actually we were all damn tired. so we took alot of lets-pretend-we’re-having-fun photos :P okay lah, we did have fun. we finally decided we’d drive in to sentosa resorts world and take even more pretentious photos HAHA. walked around universal studios, hersheys store and the shopping area. i want the victoria secret’s bimbotic netbook case omg (: haha. i heart victoria secrets. bahn bought this super nice popcorn too. and stupid pittit bought a very small reeses chocolate in some very big plastic bag haha.

then tired us went to vivo and i got a DKNY watch from pittit as my bday present (: YAY its so prettaye! but expensive. hurhur. but she wasnt much better cos she bought casio and it was ex too (: but we were both happy.

then bahn and i met my family and we had my birthday celeb dinner at some super romantic & nice spanish restaurant bar that we chanced upon. and this time, it had a live band playing jazz & spanish music. DAMN NICE (: the coolest thing was that when i entered and sat down, the band played happy birthday and sung in spanish :D HAHAHA. so happyyy. obviously they were playing for someone else. but niceee. so cute. the night view from the place was damn nice. could see the universal studios castle from there. two thumbs up for that place! (: the music was awesome, food was great (although we waited 40 mins over drinks). and very romantic ambience (: made me REALLY wanna go to spain. just like the vicky cristina barcelona HAHAHA. and and and, they played fly me to the mooon (♥) and other bossanova songs.

and then home to watch world cup :D argentina vs nigeria! but was too sleepy so bahnny went home during half time. talked for like 5 minutes only and then was going to sleep. then my phone rang but i didnt hear it cos it was charging. and i saw maria’s number! D: was so sad i smsed her all the way in aussie to call me back HAHA. so yay she called back at 11.52pm and was just in time to wish me happy birthday (: and we talked on the phone for nearly half an hour (: yayyy. talking to foldy is so fun and retarded but i was so tired by 12.30 i was scared i would fall asleep on her. so had to put down. thanks foldy for the call!

then came sunday 13th june (: i wore my maxi dress to church!!! its damn pretty i swear but feels abit funny to be wearing to church. i like maxis so chio. but okay, my ultimate favs are still shorts and nothing but shorts. had the fire drill exercise and yew jiarae was so kewwwt pls. she said ‘tomorrow’s my birthday!’ and i said ‘oh yesterday was my birthday!’ :D :D then had lunch with jaslyn and meanie after church. we wenta the pasta place at wheelock and i had soft shell crab pasta with chilli (: naiseee. then we went to far east where i bought my 5 dollar fat brown belt and some black colour hard handbag.

and then i met bahnny at suntec and we went to the IT fair (: ): omg IT fairs are horrendous. the crowd i mean. the squeezing and pushing totally killed me. but HEY, i came out of that place with a new camera (i told bahn i cant live without a camera :D) and a samsung netbook (: awesomeness. i love my netbook many many now. its so small and pretty and LIGHT (omg yay) and, lovable except for the fact that its on windows 7 starter which means i cannot change my wallpaper!! ): i was so sadddd when i found that out. so now i have an ugly blue windows wallpaper which i cannot change (unless i change to windows home premium which is super mahfan cos i have to redownload everything) hahaha. devastating right.

had dinner with my family at esplanade’s makan sutra at gluttons bay (: yummy hokkien mee. tried to go back to OCBC for my laptop but couldnt ): locked.

had 1.5 hours skype session with the church girls at night. SO HAPPYYYY (: bobo glory and pacey. i was 45 mins late for the skype session cos i didnt have my laptop and my netbook was taking ages to start up. and i had to download skype on my big computer ): MOO. but skype session was fun and we always end up gossiping, thats all (: i want them to all faster come back! miss you girls!

monday the 14th june.

happy 21st birthday pittit!

and back to work. lunch was with the usuals plus weiting and jon (: anyway, the highlight was after work. went to flyer popeyes for pittit’s bday dinner. she thought it was only clique but i asked zing, seah, bahn and melvin eng along. so yeah 8 of there had a nice fun popeyes dinner. we all wore the same dress (in different colours!!) that we bought from phuket, except for lame who couldnt wear bright (: flyer’s on student promotion now so it was 10 bucks for a ticket. after the whole dinner we brought pittit to the car where we opened the boot and there were 21 colourful balloons inside. each balloon had a $1 coin inside and we made her burst everyone of them herself to get the money (: thats like, innovative angbao. that was quite funny.

then 8 of us went up the flyer (: had one whole cabin to ourselves. the night view from the flyer’s super prettayeeee! i swear its much nicer than the day view! plus with the marina bay sands and helix bridge now up, it was so niceee. spent most of our time taking photos, then when we were at the top of the flyer, we surprised pittit with a mini doraemon cake. and sang her song and then enjoyed the rest of the ride down. and then, home sweet home :D

oh and i present arrived for me in the mail (: i got a bag from chrystal bobo and glory for my birthday! thanksss so happy! and pittit’s disney violin book arrived (: YAYYYS.

alright, thats the end of my long entry and i wanna go off now. i love my netbook :D

thank you everyone for making me so happy :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to taken by surprise

  1. bobo says:

    omg what a long post. hahah. but yay! what an exciting way to spend your 21st (: great friends you have, you are loved!

  2. thycherry says:

    hello bobo :D haha yay. and you actually read the whole thing meh? ahaha.

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