been meeting lianzy lots recently haha. and jon. had lunch and dinner on tues with the both of them (lunch with others too). dinner was at souperlicious. had some teriyaki chicken pizza that tasted like tako pachi. hehe then bash meeting. i bought a green tea cake for jensen’s bday but of course, we ended up celebrating for all the june babies :D

and im sick. sniffles. flu i think.

wednesday’s lunch was with the usuals plus lianzy and jon. at burger king! haha we were trying to be weird and so we ate burger king. and it was pouring in the morning. orchard road flooded :S had dinner with weiyann at dome by singapore river. the uob building one. so cool :D and she gave me a tigger balloon! yay thanks maam i love meet ups with you!

spain vs switzerland was disappointing >:( how could they lose !!

ytd had whole day msn chat with lianzy and whole day emails with lame (: i think we exchanged toooo many stories already. suddenly im reconnected with clique again. haha and ytd was one exciting dayyyy. in terms of stories. after work met pittit and lianzy for sushi dinner at raffles city. and talking was fun (:

and yesterday made me think about how fragile relationships can be. but then again, i was proved wrong :D proud of you! love wins. love always wins, remember?

then had bash exco meeting. and then rushed home to watch the last 30 mins of the argentina vs korea match. eggciting :D both played well and argentina was really omg awesome. 4 goals. hahah. anyhow, don’t care. cos i only support spain and italy (who seems to be rather disappointing at the moment).

yay TGIF again :D and anchored printed shirt’s BO failed. so they refunded my money and i got myself another shirt from my brother. and oooh i came back from lunch today and my colleague gave me lip gloss from estee lauder! hehe so nice!

excited for tomorrow. :D sgoon gardens then to pittit’s house with clique. okay lianzy i’ve been meeting you everyday this week omg.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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