what happened, my love?

oh my god, italy crashed out. i am in disbelief :'( just look at the headlines everywhere.

World champions Italy eliminated!, Powerhouse Italy is ousted after the 1st Round without ever recording a win., Champions crash out. ‘Many neutrals would have noticed a distinct lack of star quality in the squad as names like Francesco Totti, Alessandro Del Piero and Alessandro Nesta were replaced by those of Simone Pepe, Claudio Marchisio and Domenico Criscito. Goalkeeping is worrying without Buffon or Toldo in goal.’ YES YES YES. :(

what happened to that brick wall of defense that they displayed at the world cup 06 and euro cup 08? what happened to not conceding a single goal up till the finals in 2008? >:(

i am so sad. my only love has gone out of the world cup. and it’s cannavaro’s last! :( omg, now, whats a wc without italy?! and i blame it all on their goal keeper. where’s my buffon! :'(

oh well. they really played badly last night. only the last 15 minutes were worth watching. and it was really, really wasted. they so could have equalised and got through.

tough luck. but anyhow, i hope spain gets through. reaaally hope they do. and then, i’ll support argentina to win the wc (: yay.

anyhow, oschool LA hiphop ytd was, hard. i’m sucha noob srsly. but i realised they teach the beginners and intermediate the exact same routine & stuff. so might as well go to the begs. cos its cheaper anw. i wanna dance as nicely as all of them! (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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