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decided to password protect my previous entry cos i realised it’s just all about italy, which is quite dumb considering they are already out (: hahaha so password’s italy (if anyone is even interested to read at all). or you can just read the new paper.

friday night was silly haha. went to fetch his mum and sis from airport. they just came back from the uk! so lucky i also wanna holiday thereeee (: and then to my house to watch the very boring brazil v portugal match :| pittit and bro and dasao came too (: so it was like a mini party. but the match was really very boring. haha.

saturday morning was chill (: bahnny came over in the morning and we swam 20 laps! and i blowed up the mega float and we played for awhile in the pool! <3 FLOATY! and then we had lunch at his house. and then out! i drove to sembawang shopping centre. we have no idea where to go nowadays so we just go random places. (: we both bought stuff from cotton on! and ate the wow tako! damn long never eat already. and walked around looking and stuff until about 3 plus then we left and i went over to elaine’s house to fetch her and then back home to fetch pittit and her bro and dasao. and then we met weiting at east coast!

we cycled like around 1.5 hours (: haha sports day abit fail but we took lots of photos! and then had dinner at the food centre there and met hyeong ha at mana mana w the rest of his korean association friends (: watched the korea v uruguay match w many koreans. exciting x 100 !! the atmosphere there was daamn fun. and lots of korean cheers and songs. and they had the blow up clappers and they painted on our necks! the match was nice to watch and when korea scored it was like, europhoria. everyone was like screaming away and hugging and jumping and this guy in front of me lifted his chair up and started shaking it and jumping and nearly hit me. and i heard this korean girl cried when they scored ?! haha (: but it was damn fun. anyhow they lost :( very sad, but well played! i reached home at like 1am :S and only slept at around 2.30. and had to wake up 7.30 the next morning!

had gcomm briefing and bahnny came to church (: kj with the kids and then 5 of them came over to my house (: we had a little mermaid movie cum mac donalds happy meal cum lets play cooking and hide and seek party! they are so cuteee. and then had dinner with bahnny’s family at some seafood restaurant for his dad’s bday! and night was another soccer party. pit and family and bahn and my neighbours came. and we watched the england v germany match. oh meeeee.

GE outing tonight :D abit excited. havent seen some of them for so long!

anw i have to say this, but pittit, your surprise planning skills quite fail :D but still love you for trying. can you believe she tried to bluff me she was in KL twice? like friday and today :O fail fail fail.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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