fight for this love

there’s always nothing to update for weekdays now since work’s so boring and its the same old same old. just one more month left then vietnam trip and ndp and everything (: gonna treasure whatever’s left of my summers. hahah. im so glad i did so much more last summers (:

anw it was an exciting weekend of soccer & more (: friday night had tuition and then there was mega soccer party at my house for the holland v brazil game. wenta fetch weiting elaine ys and pittit at bishan mrt and then over to my house. bahnny came too. and then there was my dad and bro and the 3 neighbours. and pittit’s bro and dasao came too. and we had beer and doritos HAHA. 13 people in total very exciting cos everyone was supporting brazil. only elaine, bahnny and i were supporting holland (: it was heart attack with so much of screaming. and when holland equalised and finally scored the winning goal. too much of screaming i think HAHA. YAY and it was holland ftw (: yipee! so shocking that brazil’s out but no, i support holland! :D and only 3 of us very happy so retarded. and then we sent elaine home and the rest to her bus stop.

woke up very early saturday morning and i had face doc appt at 9am (: then pittit, bahnny and i drove all the way to zing’s church in tampines. and zing taught me drums! i can play abit of beats now (: to viva la vida. and i learnt abit of grace kelly’s drums too! DRUMS SO NICE I WANNA LEARN MORE. after that we went to thomson’s dino to eat lunch (: then i went over to bahnny’s house for awhile then we went to bishan to look at watches and stuff for my mum’s birthday.

watched eclipse! not very nice leh the first one was the best. and after that i bought my mum a swatch watch and we walked around awhile. and oh bahnny bought me a bag from c&k! its my reward for erm, not being good. so warped. then went to some chinese restaurant at ocbc for my mum’s bday celeb dinner (: then home to more soccer. germany v argentina was a shocker but i dont mind both getting in. 4-0 leh omg. haha. and then i woke up at 2.30 to watch the spain v paraguay match. exciting match also. spain didnt disappoint and fabregas played! :D almost got heart attack at the two penalties. haha.

church on sunday (: kj again! so cute. some world music group came to lead worship today. called izibongo. and it was very very nice :D haha. then met bahnny for lunch at somerset. we ate at scape xing wang taiwan cafe. the bubble tea there was yummy! haha then we had marble slab free icecream. was their one year anniversary or sth! :D very good. YAY then off we went shopping. went to f21 mango and other places. tried on many many clothes. i want the f21 dressss! and then went to ion’s top shop. tried on at least 10 pieces there. got none :D hahaha. then went back to church for gcomm reg. bahnny and i did one booth (: we played hangman cos we were bored so fun! haha. its so retarded he couldnt guess ‘england’ even after he got the e, g and d and i told him soccer country!! haha. and i couldnt guess ‘sausage’ even after i got sa_sa_e OMG ): i suck. heehee. and oh i think i was talking loudly cos i said ‘i want!’ (izibongo cd) and then one ang moh guy came back and said ‘for you!’ with a wink wink HAHAHA :D

then to his house for dinner and chill (: sleeeeepy.

omgosh and pittit won $205 from soccer betting with her company. hahaha. and i’m so sad. bidding mega sucks ): hcm ):


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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