haha new sound invented by the bahn. WEEPY! hmm oasis is loading so slowly cos everyone’s probably checking results now. eeks. bidding is so sickening. i didnt get MR and CB :'( all because of j— :( and srsly! we could have got it! and wth im like the highest bidder for HCM :( waste my money.

OMG I HATE BIDDING SO MUCH! i wanna cry :(

omg omg omg i wanna just throw my laptop away now :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !@#$%^&*( SIGH. i know it was a stupid rash decision. and idk. i just hate myself for it. okay angry now >:(

anyhow bahnny stayed over on tuesday night. had my first english tuition with the sec 2 thai girl. she’s really weak and so i go at a damn slow pace and teach her using pri school materials. then home and we tried to sleep early but i couldnt. and bahn was being nice and so he slept on the floor next to me until i could sleep (: haha. we woke up 230 and watched the holland match (: holland won !! 3-2. YAY it was quite an exciting match and after that we went back to sleep. zzzz.

ytd was drama mama day. big fat smelly sigh. why do things always end up like that? ): ): ): night had tuition at yck and then to pittit’s hse. we slept arnd 12.30 and woke up to watch the spain match. was pretty boring in the first half and after that we self entertained. thank God my darling spain scored and that brought them to the finals :D

now i dont know who to support for finals but it’ll most prob be spain!! and david silva played ytd. havent seen him around (: so cute.

anw, i cant think now. i’m too angry over bidding :(


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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