YAYYY! (: omg im so overjoyed at the outcome of the world cup finals! alas spain didnt disappoint again. am so glad that i supported spain all the way from the start (only italy & spain please!) and that they won won won won!

seems so reminiscent of the 06 finals when my dearest italy lifted the world cup. now its spain’s turn (: and haha its been italy, spain, spain for the win since 06, 08 and now 10. YAY. and omg, fabregas played and he was one of the key players in creating the opportunity for iniesta to score!

spanish players are just cute max, full stop. love them ♥

and fabregas, silva and casillas is cute & hot. (: but short. ahhhh haha oh well. had a mini world cup party at my house. but before that had a family-friends dinner thing at uncle boon tiong’s. after that my parents went home and my dad allowed me to take the car! mega shockerrrr (: drove over to bahn’s hse to get his stayover stuff, then to lame’s to pick her, then to dhoby to pick jaya and get tau huay, and pick my bro up, and then home. took the car for like 1 hr 45 mins. think my dad was like, worried ttm. and annoyed that i took his car all over the place for so long. hahah.

so we set out the mattresses and stuff. oh yeah cos lame and bahn stayed over. and then we cute the flags and pasted them all over my living room. spain had 8 flags and holland had 4. we restricted bahn to his little holland corner cos he was the only holland supporter. hahah. anw it was quite funny cos we had little flags pasted on the sofa, tv, fan and stuff. heehee.

jaya came over till like 12am and we were checking out all the cute soccer players from all the countries. and trying to download world cup songs. hahah. then jaya went home to slpppp. and i tried to slp but couldnt :( i know elaine and bahn managed to sleep. pooo. woke up at 2 plus and set the stuff ready. we had tau huay, apple strudel, lays and pomegranate juice! :D and i changed into elaine’s new urban male spain singlet. and bahnny wore his holland cap. heehee.

anw the game was quite exciting. but abit ridiculous i feel. like too many yellow cards and free kicks. anyhow it dragged into extra time and spain, being the unpredictable spain, scored in the last few mins YAYYY (: so that was it. and i couldnt sleep againf rom 5.30 all the way till lame had to wake up at 7. it was like  bad and :( so i woke up and we went back to bahn’s house and i slept there from 8.30 to 11am. heeheeeee :D lazy pig. then we had to get ready for work BOOO.

so now im at work and thank God i got my bids! (: YAY to a mon & tues week!!

anyhow, the weekend was not bad. tuition on friday night and sat morning. then went to sch after tuition on sat for pageant interviews. had joshua wong and justin wie there HEEHEE :D exciting! after interviews went to cathay for dinner at the sushi place. its not $1.19 not $0.99! hahah and had frolicky there. i didnt know frolick moved there. seee thats how long i have not been outttt >:( frolick was yummy. then we went to cg. havent been there for so long! anw was so sleepy and grumpy :( ahhh no good.

sunday was kj again. been having kj for four weeks in a row. tiring. but the kids are too cute. and then had a nice nice sunday (: went to j8 after church to shop abit by myself. was looking at handphones and oh samsung jet’s only $128! and they have in white! i wonder if its good. my phone’s too lousy alrrrr. and then went to cotton on try dresses and went to diva to get my bert & ernie bracelet :D got one for pittit too. heehee. its very very cuteeee! then met bahn’s family for a quick lunch. after that scooted off for more shopping. didnt know that cotton on body closed down :( i bought many thingssss so horrible. apart from bert & ernie, i also bought my orange baby G which i lovelovelove alot. plus it was cheap. then we wanted to watch toy story 3 but bishan ran out of tickets. and then so we made our way down to amk hub (: managed to get tickets for 3.30 show and we had abit of time so more walking around. i bought my nice expensive shiseido shampoo too! see waste money again :( and oh think we’re gonna buy megan a hello kitty flik flak for her 5th birthday next sat. cuteee.

anw toystory 3 was awesome <3 it was so touching & cute. and i like teared abit at the end cos its such a happy-sad ending. and omg barbie is retarded. but i like. heehee.

anw i suddenly have alot of work to do! :O meowwwws away.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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