lots of tomorrows, together

i feel like i’ve been so busy and its been so many days. haha but actually only two since i last blogged. time seems to pass so slowly and its like i want july to quickly come to an end so i can finish my internship :D

oh well. i want to eat cherries and fruits by the pool. and sip on ribena. together(: maybe i shall do that tomorrow. my red cherries are $14.50 so ex. boo.

watched despicable me on monday night, despite being so tired from soccer. its quite cute esp agnes the little girl. but i prefer toy story muchos(: i wanna watch toy story 1 & 2! oh maybe i’ll do that tomorrow toooo.

had tuition with thai girl again ytd(: things are looking a teeny bit better. she’s always so nice and gentle. dont know how to get her to talk more. i really hope her english improves and she will do well for her english test and get into a govt sch! maybe i’ll get a pay rise :O hahah. then went w the bahn to get tau huay and chicken rice dinner. he bought for his whole subcom! drove to sch and went to the interview SR to eat eat and discuss pageant people w his subcom. his subcom’s quite nice like all the girls. at least i can talk to them so not bad. and the guys quite funny too. daniel reminds me alot of alson chew haha. and nooo, justin wie doesnt look like bahn! >:( hahaha.

anw, after that was a 10pm meeting and we were very rowdy voting all the cute guys and pretty girls in. and yay joshua wong got in! the rest dont know and dont really care too.

its so nice and funny how our fights always end (: we’re both so stupiddd (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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