the ping pong song

a few things that i cannot stand: immaturity, irresponsible people, heck care attitudes, over sensitivity. those are mega irritating.

so yeah, please. don’t disappoint.

anyway didnt meet the bahn for dinner the past 2 nights! ): haha wed night had tuition and he went out with his friends. and then reached home at 1o.30 only after tuition but we talked long longggg. and i told him all my stories :D those that he never heard before (: yayyy. so interesting right.

bahn gave me ipod touch ytd in the morning :D and he carved the words bahn mobile behind HAHA so gross and cute. anw ipod touch is damn awesome (: alr feels like an iphone!

last night after work went to fareast with jaya. met the hair sponsors for quite long around 45 mins. after that went shopping (: bought my white strappy wedges. i want the blue flowery flats! and bought a soap jar! and a heart ring yayyy. then we had late late dinner and bused home. reached home 10.15 (: another night of not meeting the bahn. he went to meet some interior designer for his house thing. downloaded fb, msn on my ipod touch. and ooh i checked my email last night w it. yay. its much nicer than my silly phone. i wanna change phone!

oh well (: bahn’s moving next month quite exciting cos he’s gonna be moving even nearer to meeee hahaha. yay.

sponsorship meeting later, then tuition, then movie! (:


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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