sweet pie ♥

super weekend (: YAY. naughtiest bahn loves you!

was being a grump on friday after tuition. we were supposed to watch inception at 11.30pm but there were no more tickets left. bahn fetched me from tuition at 10pm and i was being sad the whole time. and fickle. wanted to eat tau huay, and ice cream, and watch movie and do fun things. but it was already 10 plus. in the end, he just came over to my house till about 11.30 while i was being sad for the first like half an hour. so naughty right. bahnny was being nice and just spent the whole time telling me not to be sad. omg i’m so retarded. (:

it started pouring at 4plus am on saturday morning and i hate it when it rains like that at night. i’d always wake up and can’t go back to sleep. and i seriously feel daaaamn scared. and then i hid under my blanket and msged bahn a :( face. and then suddenly he called me!! :D heehee. he said he woke up at the thunder and was going to go back to sleep when he suddenly remembered that i’d be scared <3 <3 <3 bahn’s the best! and i have no idea why i have this superbly immense fear for thunderstorms at night. bahn concludes it must be my purple roof next to my window which makes the sound of the rain damn loud and scary. and my translucent curtain that makes the lightning visible even when i close my eyes. and yeah everything. my bed is next to the humongous window so i hate it. and the many many trees outside always have rustling leaves in the strong wind. and the wind always howls ): HATE IT!

so anyway, saturday morning woke up early and typed english worksheet for thai girl! then rushed to tuition. i think both my tuition kids’ parents/guardians are very strict. so unlike fat boy’s mom who seriously doesnt care about anything. i suppose its good. but there’s abit more stress on my side. their parents are so typical kiasu sporean parents and so particular about MY qualifications. one even wanted to see my olevel & alevel certs (: twingggg. and she said ‘oh you did very well ah! for both your exams. how did you do it?’ (: wheeet. and i swear there was actually a tinge of a semi-bitter/sarcastic tone in her voice. oh well.

anyhow, tuition with thai girl’s getting nicer. she’s always so quiet & shy. doesnt like to talk. but she’s very sweet. she has ipod touch too! and she’s quite funny cos i asked her where she bought her cover. she told me fareast and i asked her whether she knows which shop and she said she knew which shop. then i asked her whether she could direct me to the shop. then she attempted to direct me in english but after awhile she gave up and said ‘i buy for you?’ heehee. anw, her guardian wanted me to take over another p6 thai girl but i said no and referred pittit :D

met bahn after tuition and wenta fareast. anw i found the ipod touch cover and bahnny bought that and the screen protector for me YAY HAHA. now its fully protected. walked around fareast awhile then went to look for megan’s present. like barbie doll watches. at first we wanted a hello kitty flik flak. then her mom said she prefers barbie. so we decided to go bugis to look for it. anw we didnt find any nice barbie watches at bugis. but oh topshop has really really pretty & cheap underwear. i’m so tempted to buy !!! it’s seriously damn prettttaye. but i think maybe not v good quality? oh well.

then we walked over to the bencoolen and OG behind. never been there before its quite cool actually. there’re like pasar malams and all. and bencoolen is full of watch shops! saw $10 casios that are really nice (: but decided to save money. bahnny bought a watch though. and no barbie watches in the end :( and ooh we drank yam bubble tea YAY. then we went back to bugis BHG and after searching for barbie watches everywhereeee, we just settled for hello kitty cooking play set HAH wheee. then we went to cold storage and we bought 2 big boxes of cherries and sushi!!! :D :D love cherries and sushi. and bubble tea and mashed potato. my ultimate favvvs.

then went over to bahn’s hse (: love chill & lazy days like these where we walk slowly and aimlessly and listen to ipod tgt and sing sing sing along. then we watched toy story 2 and ate half a box of cherries and our sushi! toy story 2’s nice too! so cuteee. and then slept for about 20 mins then dinner at his place. then we watched inception w pittit & richard. (: inception’s sooo complicating please. but its nice! had tau huay after movie (: tau huay with pearls! yayyy then home sweet home. loved my saturday (:

sunday mornings are the best its the latest i wake up in the whole week. (: had church and no kj this time! wore my wedges hee. so tall i dont like. had lunch w meanie at bishan S11. she ate some nice pancake and i ate ban mian. then we had bubble tea and walked around a little little while! then bahn came over and i bought some $4 name card holder from precious thoughts and we bought toy story 1!! gonna watch it sometime this week. yayy. then went to dhoby ps and i bought cotton on body bra (: all so pretty know. YAY want more. then we took 36 to changi airport!

was just telling bahn that day remember last time before we got together we took bus from bishan all the way to airport and then we talked alot? HAHA (: yay and then now we’re doing it again yay. but this time not like last time. we slept like from ps until marine parade HAHA lousy leh. anw reached airport and we ate popeyes! and walked around (: mashed potatoes are awesome. spent a really short time there then went home and off to megan’s birthday party (:

megan’s 5! (: YAY. big girl now. and she and lauren wore the same dress that we bought for them at phuket. the rainbow halter. damn cutezxzxz.

anyway, two more weeks of work then no more! (: YAY CAN’T WAIT.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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3 Responses to sweet pie ♥

  1. pit says:

    i didn’t even know there was a thunderstrom muahahaha. o.O must be in layer 5 of my dream.

  2. cheryl says:

    hahah irritating leh you!

  3. lame says:

    new layout! nice (:

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