the past

mid week of my second last week :D mega happy!

i’m so lazy to start on my 10 articles :( i’m not a writer! but if i don’t start now i’ll never finish before i go :( boooo.

have been messaging the WHOLE morning. bash bash bash, photoshoot. omg so busyyy! annoying. if only i had no work.

anyway the new phone that lina gave me abit ugh. the battery that i bought went flat in half a day. even though i went back to the shop to change another batt, it still went flat. :( the man says it could be the phone. why oh why. then there’s another battery shop at the arcade that sells a better battery. should i buy and test? :( oh meee waste money like siao.

clique met for dinner at grapevine on monday! w only 2 boyfriends hahaha (: ys and bahn. but anw grapevine is so darrrrk. no lights one. and the food there’s okay lah not too bad but they didnt have so many things. no pizza, no baked rice, no mushroom, no baked chicken leg, no this smoothie, that drink. omg then what do they have?! haha but it was still nice & all. long time no clique meeting already. but we’re still all the same. just tired from work. haha. in th end we left early. like 8.45 (: but actually we were there quite long. from like 7pm. cos puss had driving and then bahn came over to my house. we tried to watch toy story 1 but he was sooo sleepy he kept dozing off. drank too much alcohol tsk. and then i drove him home. alone! :D yayyy. oh & my license came!

had tuition ytd night. didnt go bash gm. i dont really like the guardian. as in he’s very nice. but he’s very particular about what i teach her. and i feel like he’s always watching me so i can’t really slack. but then i have to tend to so many things like all the smses about bash. and stuff ): like ytd when he noticed we were quiet he asked is it you’re giving her a test? and i said no, i always make her write an essay. like im scared he’ll think i’m slacking? stupid man i always work so hard. print all the worksheets for the girl. and come up with questions myself. even bought her a notebook to write notes. and write samples essays for her. hmph.

anyhow bought bubble tea after the tuition & met the bahn to go home. went to his house for like 15 mins. and he was telling me stories. haha. and at night, i dreamt about the stories ): boo. anw his mac book sleeved arrived & its so squishy! haha. then home sweet homey and i had to wait long long for him to settle his progs thing so i msned & listened to music & played games with ipod :D rocks.

oh well, lunch w mean in half an hour! :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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