what are you not sure about anymore.

a weird morning ): but the day ahead is looking better! anw, photoshoot’s today & i think some things here and there kind of screwed up. we have a diva on board. i heard she’s been a bitch so far. oh well, lucky i’m not there.

lunch with mean yesterday was quite silly (: it was only me her and bahn and we ate hock lam. i think all of us werent really full. haha so unsatisfying right. after that i bought a polar strawberry roll heee.

tuition last night w andrea. she’s so poor thing & stressed up though she’s only p4 cos i think her mom canes her alot. and over everything. i mean, who gets caned over not knowing how to do work? and having too much work & thus not being able to finish? so poor thing know. i told her to do school work first then if got time do tuition work and she said no my mommy will cane me. when you go home she will cane me ): haiyoh. parents these days are kiasu ttm. and its not like she had some character problem like rude or rebellious right.

anw it thunderstormed last night and bahn told me he’d leave his phone in loud mode hahah. i tried calling but he didnt pick up. lousyyy (:

gonna go tuition andrea again tonight but before that, we’re going down to zouk cos bahn wants to talk to the pageant people. tsk tsk. oh well. i didnt bring my science book today so i dont know what im gonna teach her tonight! :O

and conclusion about the phone is that it really sucks. i now charge it twice a day. once overnight and once in the office. hurumphssss.

oh my mommy’s at bugis street with her friend now so cute & she asked me if i wanted some spaghetti connected to a shorts thing! i think i know what it looks like cos i’ve seen it on blogshops. but i scared weird. but its so sweet (not to mention RARE) that she wants to buy something for me so i said yes! but what if i dont like and dont wear it? haha so retarded. then after i put down, i smsed her and saying actually can you go topshop for me and buy my underwear? HAHAHA.



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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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3 Responses to :(

  1. meanie says:

    HAHAHAHHA the underwear one is quite funny. eh! is damn bitchy. wah later she dont like my choreo then she go home and change it?!?!?! SIAO.

  2. cheryl says:

    she wont lah. maybe she pwn you :D OKAY NO SHE WONT! maybe street dancer will!

  3. meanie says:

    PLS. hahhaa street dancer wont :)

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