stained glass masquerade

Is there anyone that fails?
Is there anyone that falls?
Am I the only one in church today, feeling so small?

Cause when I take a look around,
Everybody seems so strong.
I know they’ll soon discover,
That I don’t belong.

So I tuck it all away,
Like everything’s okay,
If I make them all believe it,
Maybe I’ll believe it too.
So with a painted grin,
I play the part again,
So everyone will see me the way that I see them.

Are we happy plastic people,
Under shiny plastic steeples,
With walls around our weakness,
And smiles to hide our pain.
But if the invitation’s open,
To every heart that has been broken,
Maybe then we close the curtain,
On our stained glass masquerade.

But would it set me free,
If I dared to let you see,
The truth behind the person,
That you imagine me to be?

omg love the lyrics of this song so much (: dont you just feel like that on some days? hahah.

wenta zouk w bahn after work & met the pageant people. he talked to them about some stuff while i was busy messaging my boss. stupiddd guy ps-ed her for an interview even though i confirmed him already hmph :( spoil my reputation only lor plsss haha. lucky she was nice. had dinner w the pageant people at sushi tei. omg we got a private room its quite funny & so exclusive! and i like the pageant people this year! they’re v nice to talk to, and a funny bonded bunch. they alr went to someone’s house at night to drink lor. christine the lucky mamasan. haha why last yr my one not like that? (: and oh some of them are really pretty! and the guys are way cuter this yr. i realised diva’s quite nice after all. but still not pretty hahah.

tuition again :( ugh. i only got paid half cos first month they deduct 50%. but it’s still okay lah. bahnny says their house smells like moth balls.

love it when he sends me home and we arrive at the lobby of my house but i dont go up straight away and we just sit in the car with our seats pushed back and we wind down the windows and talk <3 even though its only 20 mins or so sometimes, it’s still nice.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to stained glass masquerade

  1. pit says:

    don’t you think liquid is very cool? like its not solid, moving around like slimy slimy. i drink water and see the water and feel eew so weird haha

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