as much as day one

last week of work!

jumps around and around and up and down with joy joy joy joy (: YAYY. cant wait for the week to end! then it’s viet viet viet vietnam!

oh yeah on friday my family decided that we’re going to turkey at the end of the year for 12 days (: humdrum. turkey and dubai! and yay bahnny head’s coming (: HAH YAY. awesomeness. we can ride camels and shop at dubai. and see marvelous stuff in turkey (: and run around and take lots of photos. i’ve never been to middle east before so im excited yay. oh and celebrate his birthday there too (:

had no tuition on friday night so went over to his house for dinner. and then we decided to drive up to mount faber, our long time fav spot which we havent been to for ages (: spent the whole time in the car choosing catwalk songs. eeeeks. anywayyyy, the cable cars were up and working again! they looked so pretty at night! must take the next time we go! (: and jewel box has become like 5 times more atas from the last time. anw i want to go up there to drink sometime too (: they have a live band now. and the wind’s still as awesome as ever. we’ve only been to the other bar there before actually. hrmph. hahah memories memories right. anw when we went, our usual bench was taken so we sat somewhere else but not as nice. next time must go there earlier and chope our bench. then can sit longer also haha. oh and as we were walking back down to the car we saw fireworks! (: so we stood there and watched until it ended. so pretty knowww. and i think its from universal studios yay.

sat was bahnny day! one year and six months already. so fastttt. sweet msg made grumpy me so :’) hahah. had no tuition again cos the girl said she was sick. so it was a chill morning. bahn went to play soccer and so i just stayed home and watched toy story 1 and made a card for him. went to his house around 12 plus and we couldnt decide what to eat for lunch. i wanted to go wheelock but i think not v nice and quite expensive. then i randomly suggested stopping at every stop to eat something. from bishan until school hahaha. but we only had 4 train passes a day (: so we planned our food adventure and stopped at bishan, then novena, then orchard, then from orchard walked down somerset, dhoby and then finally sch. hahaha.


first stop bishan we shared the nice pancake with egg and pepper and cheese. and we shared nasi lemak and ice lemon tea. then we went over to novena and after walking around we found a food fair. omg hahah it was so awesome i wanted to eat sooo many things but was scared i would be too full to continue at the other stops. so we just shared a sharks fin soup, dragon beard thing, dumpling and some nice nutmeg juice. and we ate outside where it was windyyy (: i really wanted mango sticky rice, apple strudel, peking duck and otah! omg greedy right. then we trained down to orchard and went to ion basement. and we got some korean chicken thing and okonomiyaki. and by that time quite full alr dont know why. then somerset 313 we shared sushi and mashed potatoes (: and then final stop dhoby was dessert! chewy shaved ice. but not nice that one. anyhow we ate from like 1.30-4. and then we went to school for the pageant training.

pageant training was quite fun. the catwalk was by nicole and the whole time i was just moving around talking to random people like christine and samuel and actually samuel is quite funny and gossipy to talk to haha. after that was dance training and i learned the dance from mean w the contestants! omg the guys are so cute and funny. after that had dinner at kpt w bahn and 5 of the contestants. what a nice bunch. and then we randomly decided that bahnny would stay over at my house :D :D :D :D love stayovers. we tried to watch drama but too boring so we talked until we were sleeepy. yayyyy. i remember when i woke up in the morning i totally forgot bahnny had stayed over until i looked at the floor haha omg pls.

churchie and had core group meeting in the morning (: the guys are so retarded they are in super orientation mood cos of uni. and they wanna go clubbing for cg outing! retarded max. then had lunch with my parents YAAYYYY i made them go to sunshine plaza and we ate alot alot alot of dimsum at victor’s kitchen and i even had dessert. super satisfying (: and yay they bought my stickybra hahahaha whee. then they dropped me off at bahn’s house and we took the car to sgoon and trimmed our hair. and then we drove to tampines courts for fun (: courts has so many things i want. like portable radio, small tv for my room! haha. and i said i wanted a speaker so bahn bought this awesome x-mini which is so loud hahaha. and we played it in the car on the way back (: i love drivinggggg haha. finally man i get to drive my boyfriend around (: yayy.

then had his aunt’s bday celeb at some hong kong restaurant. and then he was supposed to come to my house. but then there was lightning and thunder and i was scared bahn would have to drive home in heavy rain ): and being lousy scaredy me i asked him to just go home ): hahaha so we ended up skyping for 1 over hour continued by phonecall hahahaha. im really damn lousy right.



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