take a dirty picture

kate is on its way! :)


lunch was only me & bahn so i went to tanjong pagar for lunch instead (: had some rice at a small cafe and their jasmine green tea was nice! then we had red mango frozen yogurt. its alot nicer than yami or frolick and their servings are like x 2 (: and we had 3 toppings (all so yummy!) and it was only $5. awesomeness.

had dinner at bahn’s house and we were supposed to watch chloe at 9.10 at lido but was too lazy to drive all the way down. anw we only finished dinner at 8.30 so was abit rushed. in the end he drove to my house and we spent the whole night just chilling & talking in my room (: i showed him all my jc and sec school photos. cedar classes, cedar dance, touch rug, sa class, house comm, ogs and all that. so memorableeee (: and we watched all the videos that were taken in jc. so random! (: like us messing up joshua cheam’s hair. and us in the toilet on the last day of school cos we didnt wanna go assembly. and the video of the whole school singing the school hymn. and puss’ bday surprise. ooh. but its like so nice cos suddenly he knows alot more about my jc life & friends. was telling him who everyone in the photos were and some of them in smu now. all look so different! the photos were all quite gross actually. i was ugly :( and i didnt know i took so many photos with so many random people.

and so it was a nice night (:


for the first time in 2.8 months (according to one of my colleagues, kenny), i ate lunch with my colleagues! :D hahah. at the start of my internship, kenny told me that his kpi for me was 3 lunches with them before i leave. and it didnt happen on monday cos kenny himself took mc -.- and so the first time was yesterday. we ate expensive vietnamese lunch at this viet inn which to me wasnt that nice. i think i just dont like vege & spices. it was like $16.60 for pho and some not nice starter and drink. and its making think twice about going for the other 2 lunches because i really have no money! D: hahah but i will go lah. lunching w them was actually quite nice. they are quite a fun bunch. and they always have interesting things to talk about ;) ;)

had tuition w thai girl again after work. and then bought tickets to watch chloeeee. walked around ion & wheelock by myself after tuition while waiting for him. i think walking around orchard road at night by yourself’s actually v nice. you get to look at all the lights and walk slowly while listening to music. and ponder about things in life. but that’s always when i like to imagine things, which may not always be goood.

anyhow, chloe was, disturbing. it was a good show. but its really disturbing and like, creepy. amanda seyfried is not v pretty leh but her eyes were freakin scary. hahah. but the storyline is still just, disturbing. i used to think lesbianism was like, part of girly fetishes that wasnt v harmless. or at least it didnt come across as something so scary, until the show. its like when it comes to these kind of things, you never know when you can get sucked into the traps unknowingly :( eew.


rain don’t scared! love you. did you wake up because of the rain? :( no i thought of you. :)

its the 3rd last day of work (: this week is passing slower than i’d have liked it to. oh well. my alarm was supposed to go off at 7.53 like how i set it. but it didnt and i woke up at 8.03 haha. bathed damn fast and was out of the house by 8.17. hahaha. 15 mins is all it takes man.

hello hello kitty!


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