walking on sunshine

there’s only tomorrow left. its a combination of happy & sad. but mostly happy. sad because well, my company people are so nice. its so small & homely and everyone’s just like family! (: haha but of course, i’m happier not working than anything else.

even then, still got so many things to do. wanna end internship also cannot end in peace one ): still have to do internship report. and make sure my appraisal and testimonial gets done. and still must teach them how to do my newsletter thing. and still must send them my client database.

ytd was the boss’ bf’s bday and we celebrated (: there was like pizza chicken wings cake and wine. and they made me drink 4 cups until i was like, :) happy. ugh. no lah. but its still alot and i told them i had tuition so cannot drink so much. so sad. and couldnt eat chicken wingzzz and pizza cos had dinner at home. hrmph. anw it was fun talking to them (: (:

then home for dinner w bahn and i slept abit. then my daddy sent me to tuition (:

yknow its amazing that i had 8 hours of sleep last night (: cos idk why we slept at 11.30pm and woke up near 8am (: and we still managed to talk quite long leh heehee.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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