gluttony at its best

am super lazy to update in detail about everything! :( hahaha and i dont wanna rush through it. i simply have no time!

my internship thing’s been fixed so hooray :) that day bahn stayed over and we watched 2 epis of satc before becoming really sleepy. our satc watching is going really slowly but i like! as in the show. samantha is mega gross. hahah.

national day was spent walking the river in the morning. had an awesome coffee bean breakfast in the morning (my treat!) before making our way down town.

we wanted to go istana but it wasnt open. so we walked from school all the way down down down. nice long slow walk. the breeze was fantastic and there wasnt much sun. we both wore hats :) hahaha. when we finally reached clarke quay we had haatos by the river :)

walked over to liang court and bahnny bought two books. im stealing one! the game :) its quite nice but i have no time to read it !!

then went back to bahn’s house and he packed and i settled a whole lot of bizcom stuff and internship report! :) then had family gathering dinner. played with lauren most of the night. she’s superbly cute with the ipad. she knows exactly which button to press and how to play!

watched salt too. salt was nice! i wanna be a russian spy like angelina jolie haha. thick lips. we watched early in the morning at amk hub and brought popeyes mashed potatoes, sushi and bubble tea into the cinema. my ultimate fav combi :) then we went to eat vv nice korean food at some ulu place near bencoolen. very very very nice. love the ginseng chicken soup!! then to bugis and shopped abit! i bought shoesy. then pageant dance training. then tuition!

convoc the whole wed! at rws :) rws is really pretty! we had lunch at din tai fung! awesome xiao long baos :) but its cos they damn bad didnt provide lunch for us so they said we could eat and then claim. we’re evil >:) eat expensive food. heehee. played lots of cards, talked abit and settled the contestants hair and make up. convoc went well for the contestants i think :) and the performances never fail to inspire me! i wanna join everything and feel a sense of belonging HAHA so saaaad. left the place at 9 plus and me christine and bahn took the car and met the bunch of them outside zouk.

nowadays been going to all these kind of overly social kind of drinking things. booo not really my kind of thing haha.

anw ate a really satisfying and filling breakfast at ikea this morning with the bahn :)


waffles with cream and blueberry jam, daim cake, grilled dory, pasta and meatballs breakfast! wanted wingz but bahn said i was becoming a glutton haha.


walked around ikea for abit and got stuff he needed for the new house. then wenta sph today to help athena with the magazines. and to school :) and then met zing & seah and we ate $6.80 ajisen ramen and then watched the last airbender. last airbender’s quite crappy. kinda like narnia + street fighter + ftb idk. hahahaha. stupid.

then had dinner at bahn’s hse then tuition! everyday tuition yucks i hate it. hahah my voice is gone i must not talk tmr :) heehee.

BYEEEE. im craving powsing chicken rice with the toufu and i want tauhuay again! haha.


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One Response to gluttony at its best

  1. meanie says:

    MEANIE!!! i like the pow sing tofu tooo!

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