wiggle (:

its been another mighty long time since i’ve last blogged. meanwhile the computer on my left sounds like its gonna explode so im just gonna shut it off. anyhow, i have not gotten any news about my exchange while so many other people have already :( this sucks.

maybe i should start blogging in point forms haha.

friday the 13th

was spent going to jb in the morning with my family and bahnnny. just part of the day. the last friday of the holidays! this time i didnt shop (much) and i spent most of my time there being a glutton. i have no idea whats my obsession with food these days. ate alot for breakfast. meesiam and chwee kueh and some longan milk drink. then we went to the quiet shopping centre.

didnt buy anything only when we went to the supermart i bought AWHOLELOT of crap ^^ like honey stars, packet milo, nestum, ritter sport chocolate, ferrero rocher, sweets, some bandung soya drink, and more and more supplies for school (: then we drove to a tiny little town. the typical sleepy lazy town that was just so peaceful with only a few cars driving by, hardly any life and old chinese music blasting from a store (that was probably the only sound filling the streets). and we ate awesome bah ku teh !!

after lunch we chanced upon a shampoo shop and i spent a bomb there on shampoo. and now that i’ve such good shampoo i feel like curling my hair or doing something to make the shampoo worth it. hahaha.

came back to spore around 3plus 4plus and then i think we came over to my house and watched sex and the city (: and then fell asleep. after that went dinner with my family and he went with his. we dropped him off at his new house! and found out stuff :( hahah but i dont think it really bothers me.

then had tuition and then he fetched me and we went to his new house and from his house we tried walking to amk hub and then we walked back and we walked under the block :( heeeeeewww. anw i quite like the location what.


he had soccer i think and my tuition was cancelled. cant really remember what i did (: hahaha. oh i went to church joshua connection. poooof. after that we went j8 on food adventure again. i think we were both very hungry. mega guilty please. we shared a bowl of ajisen ramen followed by apple crumble pizza at pasta mania and then we had bubble tea and old chang kee. then we decided to go to din tai fung for the xiao long baos :) after that we bought sushi from ntuc even though we were full haha. and then had yami yogurt and hot almond paste for dessert. we were both super happy by the time we finished. and it was like 4 plus already so we went over to his new house again to unpack some stuff? haha. and then he had to go school for the pageant trainings so we only watched one epi of satc. but i met the cg guys at fat boys for dinner. i was horribly full but still ate a burger (but i gave my patties away cos i was too full). so i ate the bread, peanut butter and bananas. hahaha. omgosh talk about gluttony? anw we spent really really really long at fatboys cos they all came late in groups and food took really long to come. after that we made our way to schools ICB and i drank one pint of beer only. i dont like stella artois anymore. hoeegardens nicer i think. ahh but it was fun. think i havent bonded with the cg guys like this in a long long long time. and when we were about the end bahnny came and joined us for abit before going home (:


had kj after a really long time! the girls always swarm towards me which is kinda cute but sometimes very irritating :( cos they refuse to sit on the mat and be good and sometimes i feel they are just climbing all over me (literally) and taking advantage of the fact that im not fierce like yknow, maybe other teachers are just more authoritative and all. and maybe they are older so more respect and hahaha but yknow they are still too cute. they all said they wanna sleep with me o.o hahaha.

met bahn for lunch after church. food journey two. we went to army market. ate hokkien mee, chicken rice, and we shared claypot rice. and then had ahballing (my favvvv!) and the waffles in fondue dip thing :) left happy and full. and after that we just walked around and went back to his house and had dinner there. and then took my car (YAY) and we drove to cityhall to meet seah to watch the video. and then drove to collect back his matri card from amanda and nat. and then sent him home :)

school’s in

my timetable this sem is completely awesome. i only had a 2 day week – monday and tuesday. and then a 5 day weekend. when i was younger i have literally dreamt of a time like this, where i would only have 2 days of school and 5 days of weekend. and now, here it is :) but mondays and tuesdays are tiring with 8.30 classes on both days and 2 lessons a day. monday well, HCM is really quite enjoyable. at least i like what im learning and i find it all familiar because i’ve heard it all before in internship YAY. and my HCM class has freakin 15 exchange students from europe. rather interesting haha (: and there are of course, one or two v cute guys ;) yayyyyyyyy. so im not exactly dreading monday morning lessons lah. then is MR. MR has like alot of people that i know in class. and yinxi and germs are in that class!! only that i :( dont quite like my group and i blame it on myself. oh well. but at the very least its chung seh woong so i like him :) nice slack prof. and then tuesday morning’s IEA. there’s meownie meanie moanie :) YAYYY i just look forward to class to see meownie meanie even though we dont really talk. class is like jc econs so its all fine :) and the first lesson i was so busy doing the excel sheet for ticket sales so yeah. kinda sucked. then the last class of the week is CB and i like the class & prof alot. plus i have all my bizcom friends with meeeee :) i think thats the only class that i pay like 95% attention. yayyy.

there was goodie bag packing on monday which was a nightmare not because it was messy but because its soo so so tiring. and the evil boyfriend ran off to play LAN with 3 girls, champion :P haha but it was still kinda fun with the sponsorship subcom and trying to clear bottlenecks and compete who was faster and all. jack treated us all to well deserved pizza dinner :) and then after that i stuck around to watch the vivace prac with bahn and then heather’s dad sent us home.

tuesday was spent fussing about the booth in between lessons and then tuition. met bahn after tuition and we took bus to airport to send chia off with some of the cg guys :) had popeyes mashed potatoes for a very late dinner! yay.

YESTERDAY was a lazy day. woke up around 9 and made myself nestum breakfast :) bahn came over and we swam like 20 laps! and then drove over to j8 and had wan chai cafe for brunch :) YIPPEEEE. had the nice silky tofu with pork floss. and then we went to his house and watched like three epis of satc and then drove over to his new house again and this time brought lots of things from his old house over. helped around more and i really quite like his house. he’s gonna have a bigger bed now YAYYYY!! rolls around ^^

then we drove to school and met sam & heather and yeah they brought me to play L4D. my virgin experience playing LAN and i can honestly say i didnt like it that much. i dont get it, honestly. how can anyone like computer games so much?? hahaha. but i suppose the game was abit sian cos they didnt know the map well??? gosh. heehee. anw went to cityhall after that and i bought topshop undies again. addicted!

met lynette jon chris for dinner at chijmes. actually yeah hog’s breath. the food there’s ex lah! but yummyyyyyy :) loved the dessert. and had abit of fun catching up and all. life’s interesting aye ;)

no time to upload my awesome food pics >:( hahaha. i have to run off!!


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