updates (:

blogging is becoming increasingly infrequent for me. i wonder why. maybe i’ve been too busy with school (though that’s only two days a week) or maybe its just that only big updates deserve to be blogged about. the normal everyday mundane things of life dont really need to be up here. haha. so maybe i shall just update 6 things. like 6 big things in my life right now. :)


bahn moved house. he moved on the 21st a saturday. helped him unpack stuff for most of the day and oh yes, pittit flew back on that day too i remember. i gave her the ticket sales money back. so now he lives 5 bus stops away from me. at ang mo kio. relatively near the hub (: i like his new house and adore his VERY VERY HUGE BED (: yayyy!


sentosa pre-bash bonding. it was quite a success, i would think? we basically had picnic mats and food and the girls sat under a tree while the guys played soccer for awhile. then everyone kinda dispersed. some played cards and some went walking and i went to the sea for awhile. and then we all played captains ball! twice. and as usual i was the captain :D and then we split for dinner. half at marche and half at food court. i was at marche haha.


our 1 year 7 months :) okay that isnt very big. we didnt even celebrate anything hahahaha. but we’re old and getting older.


i got my exchange in korea :) and so did chan taixin and christiana wijaya HAHAH :)


bash is over, bahn got drunk. needless to say, i took care of him :D

random photosss (:


i got into emix ?!?! hahaha precisely right.

haha step up 3 (which i watched before emix clinic). it was supposed to inspire me :) hahaha.

i love the way i make decisions so rashly. like suddenly asking athena about emix clinic and going for it the next day and then signing myself up for auditions. im so not up to it. but i got in! LIKE HOW. i also dont know. so now im back to dancing so eggcited cant wait and i have meanie with me now! YAY! hip hop hooray.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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