old is gold (:


we met quite late after church and i was grumpy as usual. bought grey cotton on shoes that are very cute. and i wanted to buy strappy sandals but didnt in the end. also got a small little blue bag! and bahn spent the whole afternoon looking for a bag pack. and oh i made contacts but must wait like a week to collect i think.

dinner was spent with his ex colleagues. 3 of them. and we ate la mian xiao long bao. was it crystal jade? quite interesting la the stories (: and after that went to macs to chill.


had 3 hours of HCM followed by 3 hours of MR and then 3 hours of watching drama in the lib proj room :) its awesome man i tell you. cos we can watch it on the big samsung flatscreen tv. and iris is so exciting! and then had a short HCM meeting. left early actually for steamboat dinner to celeb zing’s bday! (:

steamboat was yummylicious ttm (: and it was great fun with the 5 of us. we ended our dinner at 9 plus and walked down to bugis for ah chew dessert and another camwhoring session (well abit only). cant believe that seah’s going to taiwan next monday omg.


had 830 lesson again and then break. spent a good first half of the break collecting the 49 free movie tickets to the resident evil premier dont know what lah. its annoying me. and i have to like take down the names of all those going. and as if its not enough i still have to book place for dinner this sunday and also get food for info session next tuesday. v sian. and i’ll have even more work to do aiyah i just wanna step down now pls. haha. but then we managed to watch our drama again in the lib room again :D vv exciting! then we had to leave for CB class. and after that was a mad rush. to tuition. i hate tuitions now.

after tuition was fun. met up with wangting eric and jasmin and we had supper at chomp. another long catching up session. its amazing how we can still talk so much when we rarely meet up. but yeah, pri sch memories are the best. esp the ones of tuition. wt told me he met suang recently and he remembers me. only. like out of the whole tuition gang. wo hai ji de li ting hahahaha :D

anw we had a tremendous amount to eat. too much for supper. we had char kway teow, carrot cake, ice kacang and like 4 bowls of tau huay all in different flavours and stuff. hewwww. but its nice cos when eric drove us all back its like, he only needed to drop us at different blocks cos we’re all neighbours :D

anw its like 1am and bahn just reached home. tweeeet. story time soon!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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