imma have a house party in my house

happy 23rd of september. haha. i have a ton of things to study for hcm and mr mid terms next monday! :( my striped knit blazer is out of size im so sad :( but its okay i’ll just run to the airport or amk hub where  there are nice clothes and jackits and get one then. but at least i have my cuteeee ironman shirt. f21 hates me >;(

cb quiz was okay. totally wasted my money buying textbook cos i didnt read it. just shouldnt have bought it. hahaha. went to airport on tues night with jaya and we ate swensens (: baked rice and frozen yogurt and coffee with icecream! sinful (: haha. and we took the sky train to t3 to look at my wallet and jacket :O

anywayyyy, i didnt like ytd’s dance at all. as in the choreo and session overall :( so i conclude i dont like groove or LA (which one is it) haha. and i wanted to do more conditioning but didnt have ytd! or maybe was just feeling too tired.  but when i dont like means i never put my 100% into learning the choreo means i dont know how to do well means, demoralised hahahahaha. stupid.

anw im doing two items (as of now) for production YAY! but i have a feeling im overkilling myself. hahaha. anyway, off to study now :) yay.

my bb data plan hasnt been activated! >;(


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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