dream a little dream

yay to my bb working! i can bbm foldy and fb and check emails now. hehe. its so addictive yet so irritating! D: hahah im going to learn to ignore everything that pops up on my bb alerts hahaha.

stayed over at jaya’s house on sat night and she came to church on sunday w me. kj kids ftw!

bought a striped sailor like jacket after church (: and a baggy blue shirt (wanted orange but well, too bright). major shoppaholic D: needs to be saved. hahah.

studied mr and hcm only to find out that my hcm prof cancelled (no i wish, it’s postponed) our test less than 24 hous before the test :( screwed up. so i really wasted my time studying that. for nothing.

had dinner w my family at some nice chinese restaurant for my parents’ anniversary haha (: then home to more studying. and playingggg :D

next year’s productions items are out (: no different from what i chose. haha two two two yay.

challures replied! and i have to study nownownow. my recess week is coming in less than 48 hours from now HOORAYYYY.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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