you smile, i smile

you whine, i frown?! hahahaha.


today was not bad! (: woke up early and was supposed to go to the bahn’s house before tuition. he said he’d make me breakfast haha in the end i reached his house at 830 and ended up eating soonkueh which was already there. :D but the toast he made wasn’t half bad! watched two epis of satc and then he sent me to tuition.

tuition was another drama haha. the mother told me that 2nd nov was gonna be my ‘last’ tuition (: i was quite happy cos then i’d have time to study for my own exams yay. but then she said dec and jan wanna continue again and she asked me to take her second child too omggg haha! i told her about korea next year and she said we’ll work things out. hahah no and when i entered the house today for tuition she said long time to see o.o hahaha. anw the drama was that i was locked inside the house after tuition. apparently andrea’s mom & dad had went out and locked the gate and took the keys?! so then there were no keys at home and the gate couldn’t be opened. haha so i was stuck inside for about 15 mins haha. amusing. anw i gave andrea her childrens day present today and she was v happy with the pencil box & wangwang too! she gobbled all the wangwang and she said she liked the pencil box :D

anyhow, went for lunch with ashwin hashim heather sam and bahn. was late of course (: but yeah. it was quite fun we ate the sushi at cathays. then frolick followed by L4D2. i died like what, three times?! its not funnnn at all! hahaha. after that they all (poor souls) had bizcom meeting hehe and then bahn and i went to 313 and window shopped the entire place!

we walked into one thousand and one shops (: and did the whole F21 as well (: and im proud to say i bought NOTHING!! yayy! was so tempted to buy this black dresss. ah but the second drama of the day was that i left my handphone pouch (ezlink, matricard, house keys and all) at one of the shops. OMG heart attack. we were gg to the mrt when i realised and so we had to trace back all the shops! and i was thinking omg we went into sooo many shops how’d i know which one?! thank god i found it, hidden under a scarf haha. stewpidddd “:)

and by that time it was 5plus and so we went back to his house and i prepared abit of my little surprise for the bizcom people (: i hope they don’t kill me haha. then had dinner. cheap horfun downstairs! now we agreed to only have nice expensive food once a weeek :D hahaha. and after dinner we drove to cbd and walked singapore river yay. had so much fun playing in the car and walking (: wheeet.

and why am i not sleepy now? >:( haha goodnight!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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