sugar rush

omg so stupid i boarded the train in the wrong direction >:( HATE! haha im so far from orchard lah.

just finished hort park with the kj kiddies! (: yay! hort park’s quite nice! wanna go back again for a picnic one day! its nicer than botanics i think wheee. the bridge is really nice to walk too, esp on windy days like this morning. and nice view too. after we all walked to the park we had a little picnic and there were hotdog buns and wang wang. but the kids just ransacked my entire bag and it was like a treasure chest to them haha. i don’t know why i have so much junk in my bag and they managed to find it all. like skittles, marshmallows, wang wang, grape soft candy, katjes gummy, baby choco chocolates. haha and john had jelly -.- so it was like a sweet feast :D and now im so full on nothing but sugahhhh.

yesterday tuition was cancelled in the morning. went to ntuc with my parents and bought all the stuff i needed to make my notebook for the bizcom exco. then went to fetch bahn and we went to laminate the photos. spent the next two hours after that eating lunch, watching lots of satc and punching holes on all the cards and photo to make the notebook. the ring thing damn hard to open!! haha after that did abit of kairos hw and then went to schoolie for my surprise haha.

bought jco donuts on the way to pacify my exco :P after that sprung the surprise on them which was to get them to clean the whole bc room up. i swear they all hated me at that instance. anw cleaning up was fun and the room is now spick and span! :D and sooo bare! after that had dinner and bahn and i wenta kairos. poooo.

it rained last night. i hate rainy nights. and i forsee that i’ll have nbo time to study iea :( sobbbbb


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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