left and right

apart from the awesome bizcom night picnic that the exco had last night outside istana, the only thing i remember doing the last few days is dance study tuition ): that literally sums up my life, now. sucks right. and it sucks even more that im not a good dancer because i cant freakin do a lot of the moves :( head isolations and shoulder isolations and what not. haha.

besides that, life is all fine & dandy with me studying for iea everyday hehhhh. bizcom picnic was quite fun (: we had sushi and bubble tea and after that went on for more swensens icecream and some mega camwhoring haha.

i wanna sleep now. guess what i have tmrw. tuition, study, dance (not funny right) and then puss’ bday! :D


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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