running out of titles

a picture a day keeps my frown away :)
went over to bahnny’s house after school yesterday and went to amk hub for awhile. my new fav shop is code red wheee. wanted to do so many things like buy shampoo alter my dress and just buy things. tried on the grey dress that i’d been wanting to buy for so long but it turned out to be not so nice in the end so didnt buy ;( oh there was a cute romper going for $15. haha. anyway, found a superb $3 shop to alter my dresses and clothes from now on right next to bahnny’s  house. and they do it so fast like in 20 mins my maxi was done haha. yay! so im wearing it today hahaha. then went back and watched satc one episode only and filled in the exchange scholarship application. i prayhope that i geddit! :)
went home for dinner at 6 plus the earliest i’ve been home since forever! alone. had dinner with my family and then i had absolutely nothing to do :) no more tests to study for. well of course had projects but i didnt wanna start on it. so i just stood around and watched my mother cut fruits haha. until jaya came home and i went over to pass her a whole lot of my dresses that i didnt wanna wear anymore. its so hard to find nice dresses for me that i’ll really really like >;( hahah. and then at 10.30 bahnny came over with tauhuay haha! so late. but we managed to watch one more epi of satc before he went home.
so tired now. i cant believe i woke up at 7am this morning just so that we could eat macs breakfast haha. hotcakes plus wake up early equals sleepy and full. not very good for a morning class!
“the best things in life are always unexpected, because we never had any expectations.”

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to running out of titles

  1. loveelaine says:

    you need to tell me the shop for altering!!!

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