stick like glue

woke up damn early yesterday and took my own sweet time to get myself ready for tuition :) hahah so nice and relaxing just taking a slow bath and choosing what to wear and stuff. anw spent a long time waiting for the bus, and the side gate to be opened. and all in all i think i took 50 minutes to get to yck from my house?! ridiculous hahaha. i cant wait for my last tuition on 2nd november but before that i have like four more sessions. haha.
then rushed home to put back my dance things cos dance was cancelled. and then rushed to school for meeting. was late late late >;( anw after that bahn and i watched life as we know it. quite cute ah hahah. and some parts quite sad actually. spent the rest of the day after that window shopping. was really dying to buy something but i just couldnt find anything nice! >;( hahaha so annoying. and diva AND topshop were both closed cos of some wingtai d&d. joke.
anw then had dinner at the foodcourt at raffles city with pit after her meeting ended. and then we went to amk and she got specs! i feel like changing my specs now now now. and i saw this pair of shades quite nice maybe shall go and get it on monday wheee. and we tried to shop again but nothing :( wanted to buy a romper but bahn said i wont wear so yupp. haha then home and we watched one epi of satc.
and wheeee dresses dresses dresses. im supposed to have breakfast before dance but like, he’s late :( hahaha. he’s so silly omg cos he sent his parents to the airport this morning (they’re going to china jealous) and then he forgot where he parked his car and so he walked around and around for like 15 minutes :( :( hahaha.
why do i have the feeling that it’s gonna come at the worst of times.

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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